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elof - 00:53 28 March 2016 #

As an exhibitor at the Birdie 2014 convent, I got a bit bored and decided to use my spare time to learn/test/try out the copy of Studio One I got from a co-worker. I had not been using keyboards/synths since my Juno 106 and Roland MT-32 in the early '90s, so I wanted to see how things are done nowdays when all music hardware can be emulated in DAW software.

At all Birdie partys, the song "Träskodansen" ( is played over and over, so I guess I was inspired by it (or had it drilled in to my head).

I created a pattern based on samples from it, learned some features in Studio One about transforming speed but not altering the pitch. Nice! I created a new pattern with my own drums, tried out sounds and learned more. Added some more patterns while learning...

Then I heard of the Birdie scene's music competition, and sure, I was allowed and encouraged to submit a contribution even though it wouldn't be part of the competition (I was merely an exhibitor and not a paying Birdie participant).

Elof back in/on the scene after 21 years of silence? Oh, fun! I have to give it a try! :-)

Now I was in a hurry to create some music. So, naturally I took the test-song I was already playing around with. (The very first song I've created in 21 years). :-)

I quickly needed an ending to the song, but I've never been good at composing songs, breaks or endings, so what to do?
Well, the inspiration hit me again (or was it the Birdie game competitions?).
Abruptly ending the song with a CounterStrike bomb is a funny (and easy) way to end the song. :-)

I found some samples and learnt a couple of new features in Studio One.

Finally I had the song ready, just minutes before the deadline. :)

Later, it turned out to be full of way too much base for the PA system to cope.
But it was a really fun test. I'm amazed with the power of DAWs.
Hopefully, some day I'll find the urge to compose some music again. It was fun.

/Elof of Unit #17