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There Goes The Neighbourhood

by Smash / Theralite

  • Released 31 August 1999



Know something about this production that we don't?

From There Goes the Neigbourhood; "this is the longest track on the disk by some way. i started it in june 98, but i got stuck on it for ages until i came back to it and finished it in jan 99. it was originally going to have vocals, and i made some for it, but i later decided they were shit so i took them all out. it's quite a nasty song in places, quite a dark atmosphere. you may hear that it seems to end in quite a lot of places in the song and then start up again a second later. a big loud funk song. this song will not play properly in impulse tracker at all - this is because IT only loads 99 samples and 99 instruments, so if you load it in IT you will lose quite a few of the instruments in the song. some credit must fly to willbe, who's lead guitar samples i used in the guitar solo (ripped from his excellent track to the sparks demo). i suspect that while hearing this you are either thinking that it is quite good, or that it is a huge mess which lacks any structure and coherence and makes no real sense. that would be about right. definately not a radio song, you know? but it does have at least a little groove."

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