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Showtime 14

by Darkage


Know something about this production that we don't?

Clary/Drifters, Adok/Hugi, Ankh/Scene City, Attack/WIJ, Avalanche/Trinity, Bam/Evolve, Crown/Cryptoburners, Curt Cool/Depth, Daredevil/indep., Dire/Eremation, Gamma Wave, Alpha Millennium, Makke/Visual^Hugi, Matarazzo/Iris, Odex / Cyla, Psychic Symphony/Evolve, Sacrilege/Scene City, Sind/p.,Surfing/Damones^RJ^FLT, TAD/indep., The Hooligan/DCS, Wade/ex-Scoopex, Jogeir/Noiseless, Maze/Eltech, Scorpion/Edge, Pow/ex-Iris, Timer/Appendix, Leunam/Network appeared as guest artists.

Reports from Assembly 1999, results from Spoletium II, The Party 1999, Coven 2000, Elevator 2000, and invitations for Radwar, Mekka Symposium 2000.



Jogeir 1991
P.O.W Apr 1995
Timer Jun 1996
mAZE Jul 1995

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