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Showtime 14

by Darkage


Know something about this production that we don't?

Clary/Drifters, Adok/Hugi, Ankh/Scene City, Attack/WIJ, Avalanche/Trinity, Bam/Evolve, Crown/Cryptoburners, Curt Cool/Depth, Daredevil/indep., Dire/Eremation, Gamma Wave, Alpha Millennium, Makke/Visual^Hugi, Matarazzo/Iris, Odex / Cyla, Psychic Symphony/Evolve, Sacrilege/Scene City, Sind/p.,Surfing/Damones^RJ^FLT, TAD/indep., The Hooligan/DCS, Wade/ex-Scoopex, Jogeir/Noiseless, Maze/Eltech, Scorpion/Edge, Pow/ex-Iris, Timer/Appendix, Leunam/Network appeared as guest artists.

Reports from Assembly 1999, results from Spoletium II, The Party 1999, Coven 2000, Elevator 2000, and invitations for Radwar, Mekka Symposium 2000.


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