• Demo

X Marks The Spot

by Genesis Project

Know something about this production that we don't?


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menace - 07:09 4 November 2018 #

That opening logo, HOLY CRAP! And all the way through, there is just salivating graphics all the way. Big up to Hedning and the boys!

s_t_s - 09:42 4 November 2018 #

What a lovely and fat demo ! Lots of great graphics, effects and cool musics too. Simply beautiful !

Yoik - 11:19 4 November 2018 #

I have no words. Lots of amazing graphics, effects, and musics to satisfy my eyes and ears. Big up indeed! o7

Dracon - 23:14 3 December 2018 #

Superb pixeled gfx, I like it very much!!!