• Diskmag

Vandalism News 1

by Mystic

Know something about this production that we don't?

No release date is mentioned within the magazine itself, but the enclosed note (written in Notemaker by Brian/Tomcat) makes several mentions of hoping this reaches the "SD Party" in Germany. The only matching party we've managed to find is the Spherical Designs Party 1991 on june 9th - so we can estimate this (and the demo Satanic Ritual that is also mentioned) was released in very early june.

Contains interviews with Remix/Bronx (Turkey) and Ben/Guardian Angels (Norway).


  • Drax - Music (main menu)
  • Insane - Graphics (all logos, title picture, 4x4 charset)
  • JCH - Music (intro)
  • Link - Music (editorial)
  • Psycho - Code
  • Vengeance - Text (main editor)


JCH / Vibrants Nov 1990
Drax / Vibrants Dec 1990
Link / Vibrants 1989

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