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The Well

by Sergio Vaquer


Know something about this production that we don't?

From the MiniGame website;

Very simple Mr. Driller without tweaks. Average graphics, jerky scrolling, very basic SFX, plays very slow, difficulty increases which adds a little strategy / thrust26

A fun trip digging for batteries. :-) / Zach

It's playable! I missed some scoring. / fikee

Interesting concept. Went to the end of the cyan level... / Euphoric

Mr. Drillerish, yet so simplified that it's almost pointless. Looking impressive for BASIC though. Better try again in 4K :-) / Cybergoth

Nice detail on graphics but scrolling is very clunky. No score hurts replayability and not enough strategy because you can't see far enough ahead. Mostly just playing blind. / vdub_bobby

This doesn't look bad for a game mostly in BASIC. It's a little bit slow, but that's not really a bad thing because you need to think while you play. The graphics are nice with good use of colour. However, it all seems a bit random as to how far you can get before the batteries run out. / Matt_B

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