• Demo

Aurora 05

by Cocoon

Info file

Know something about this production that we don't?


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menace - 08:47 22 April 2019 #

I'm a bit confused by the music credits.. It says Instinkt & Brain Vortex inside the demo, but both that and Tineidae in the nfo. Furthermore, it seems Instinkt and Brain Vortex are commercial artists in the dnb sphere. So, is Tineidae part of one of these collectives?

FlashyLamer - 09:06 22 April 2019 #

it seems that tineidae is not a part of instinkt, but its not known what/who brain vortex is...
lets remove a credit for tineidae for the time being

skarab - 12:53 23 April 2019 #

youtube please

skarab - 05:56 24 April 2019 #

impressive demo!

Brittle - 18:21 28 April 2019 #

@FlashyLamer: that's Brain Vertex if you can clearly see the credits. And neither Tineidae is part of these collectives since they're mostly different artists.

FlashyLamer - 07:56 29 April 2019 #

i knew it!

Bombe - 08:24 24 January 2020 #

I talked to Tineidae and they said they didn’t do this track but Instinkt & Brain Vertex did. So far I had no luck in hunting down more info on those or the track…

Bombe - 08:27 24 January 2020 #

Well, I spoke too soon, Soundcloud link for track was added. :)