• Demo

Forbidden Area

by Scoopex


Know something about this production that we don't?

Skidz/Hydroix appeared as a guest artist. Features Made's fullscreen picture Scarcrow and Scoopex Weird Logo.

Came with an nfo file that promoted the bbs'es The Addiction (amiga/consoles/pc whq, 206 687 2085/9722/9724), Concept! Elite (amiga/consoles/pc, 718 940 7554), Secom City (amiga/consoles ehq, +49-308034262), Highway To Hell (amiga/consoles, +49-2241408807), E.S.C. (amiga/consoles, +49-2842719625/+49-2842719425), Imagine BBS (amiga/consoles, +46-42135505), Crackpoint (amiga/console/pc, +43-225246519), Black Roses (amiga/consoles, +41-41227931), Dead Zone (pc whq, 714 956 4524), Da Hauze (pc ehq, +31-76719111) and N.C.S. (console/pc, +41-275-ELiTE).



Skidz / Hydroxid Jul 1994

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