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30 Years

by Lancelot / Aggression

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Know something about this production that we don't?


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Lancelot - 08:19 12 December 2019 #

Unfortunately the scaler / video projector made the colors flicker quite badly during the compo. I tested this with CRT and OSSC + HDMI TV and it worked fine, but the Framemeister (or projector) didn't like the color dithering at all.

s_t_s - 08:51 12 December 2019 #

Well it looked nice on the video stream already, can it look even better on the real thing?

fiveofive - 21:08 12 December 2019 #

What s_t_s said, this was a joy to watch, very stylish and atmospheric.

daniel - 21:36 1 January 2020 #

So beautiful! Love those fractal landscapes!