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The 50Hz Stare

by Newline


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daniel - 19:40 24 May 2020 #

Ahh, gouraud on the ST is always something special and at a smooth 50fps makes it even more so!

s_t_s - 20:31 24 May 2020 #

Would love to see that updated you write about in the readme.txt! More objects, changes of palette and maybe a brighter logo? Mere suggestions. :)

tIn - 20:41 24 May 2020 #

Small afterparty update (no final, though) http://absencehq.de/atari/50hzstare_newline_afterparty1.01.zip

tIn - 20:47 24 May 2020 #

Even smoother Edition:
"New in v1.01 (afterparty 24.05.2020)
Now starts on 1MB w/o AUTO folder.
Also more accurate rotation,
partyversion had a dumb way of
perspective projection enabled instead
of the code meant for production.
That's what you get for
"partycoding" :)"