• Demo

The Star Wars Demo

by The Arctic Land

Know something about this production that we don't?


  • Uko - Code, Music

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Uko - 15:45 17 January 2021 #

A 2MB ATARI STE Demo at 50Hz, with Fullscreen and 12.5kHz MOD Music, hundreds of colours, blitter zooming FX...
Just insert the floppy in your 2MB Atari STe, or favorite emulator ! Or copy the .TOS file to the harddrive.
Enjoy !

dma - 16:16 17 January 2021 #

Very cool!
Also a .mod routine using only 5% CPU time? Wow! :o

Uko - 17:13 17 January 2021 #

Thanks !
Yes, the MOD routine only takes few CPU at the end (5% without volume management), but requires more memory and also decreases the quality (6bit mixing instead of classical 7bits mixing). I have explained all this in the source file in the GitHub (and I have also a dedicated repo for the replay routine) if you are interested in the tricks.

evil - 20:06 25 January 2021 #

Great stuff Uko, keep it going :)