• Demo

Trippus Lunaticus

by Extream

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Know something about this production that we don't?



Tuteju79 and VonDemus Nov 2021

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evil - 21:22 6 November 2021 #

Thanks for this nice surprise guys, great demo :)

daniel - 22:33 6 November 2021 #

Hell yeah! This is awesome! So well put together and the demo has such a refreshing and polished feeling to it. Effects, that although many have been seen before, are presented in a new fashion, with a different touch, making them very exciting to watch! All accompanied by a great and perfectly fitting tune! Love this one guys! Thanks!

s_t_s - 13:06 8 November 2021 #

Lovely surprise. Effects are known but so nic put together with all these tiny touches that it is purely enjoyable from start to end. Thanks a lot!

ltk_tscc - 11:33 13 November 2021 #

Very nice and unexpected! Partly a bit mid-90's looking but seriously well done! (btw. I have put on some better screenshots ;)