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by Cybernetics

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Know something about this production that we don't?


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evil - 08:33 7 August 2022 #

Great one guys. A lot of effort put into the visualization as well as unique PCM+YM sounds, love it :)

mdskay - 08:02 8 August 2022 #

Please update your Musicdisk. It's nice ATARI Release that should not get lost. I enjoyed it a lot in the evoke live stream and I want to enjoy it in full length. Great Tunes with amazing visuals.

s_t_s - 19:00 8 August 2022 #

Took me a couple of tries to get it started under Steem. Run the TTP and type "blitzwav.st". Not sure where the parameter is supposed to be added. Anyway great musicdisk with awesome songs and great synced effects.

piotr_kni - 17:44 9 August 2022 #

I love it!

MetalAges - 18:34 11 August 2022 #

s_t_s => I have only tested in Hatari and real ST. Should be the same in Steem though.
As described into README.MD :
- simplest way : insert blitzwav.st into floppy A then reset
- alternate ways :
* insert blitzwav.st into floppy B and launch booton_b.prg (my case when using HXC emulator as an external drive)
* from HD run blitzwav.ttp besides blitzwav.st (no parameter, or 1 parameter for compo mode. Needs 2mb at least. This is a configuration I have not tested a lot...)

dma - 15:53 12 August 2022 #

Sweet one, cool tracks and great sound with that routine! Also really nice synched visual effects.

Tomchi - 15:21 14 August 2022 #

Yeah ! Great stuff, chews up less CPU than the beta which didn't use YM !
Also damn good music ! I bet RAM constraints were hard and then dok managed to do some amazing tunes.
VJ mode's really fun, thx !

MetalAges - 12:45 20 November 2022 #

Updated version available on cyber.savina.net