Edit history for Trapped II (anim add-on) by Tristar and Red Sector Inc.

2023-03-25 07:56:29 menace Set release date to 17 August 1997, type to Cracktro, platform to Amiga OCS/ECS
2023-03-25 07:56:16 menace Edited soundtrack details for Trapped II (anim add-on)
2023-03-25 07:56:04 menace Added credit for Zodiac on Trapped II (anim add-on): Music
2023-03-25 07:54:07 menace Added credit for Tuner on Trapped II (anim add-on): Code
2023-03-25 07:53:57 menace Added credit for Ixxy on Trapped II (anim add-on): Code (crack)
2023-03-25 07:53:47 menace Added screenshot
2023-03-25 07:53:43 menace Added credit for Phiber Optik on Trapped II (anim add-on): Other (original supply)
2023-03-25 07:53:11 menace Added link http://ftp.amigascne.org/pub/amiga/Groups/T/TRSI/TRSI-CrTrapped2Addon
2023-03-25 07:52:55 menace Added link http://janeway.exotica.org.uk/release.php?id=94805