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Cracker Journal 14

by Alpha Flight


Know something about this production that we don't?

Moon Angel & Hellbound/Avirex, Slimer/Orion, Catwizle/TCR, Andy/Amiga Industries, Subway & Dream Team, The Longe Starfighter/Amiga Duo, Sentinal/Sepia, Pirate/A.O.F.C.F. and The Copywizard/Apex appeared as guest artists.

Scene reports from Greece, Finland and USA, and party reports from Ikari & Zargon Party 1989, Subway & Dream Team and Energy Party 1989, Sunny Party 1989, X-Men & Deathstar & Overload & Phalanx Lahti Copy-Party 1989, Piranhas Party 1989, Trilogy & Vision Factory Copyparty 1989, Bytestar Party 1989. Interviews with Black Monks and Invisible Crime.


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