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                        |     Entro.py     |
                        | by Exile Studios |

                       A 1k intro with Python
                Released 6th June 2008 on Icons 2008
                             4th place

This intro uses pure Python and PyOpenGL. The sound system uses
Python's ossaudiodev which is Linux and FreeBSD only. The intro
is packed with zlib which is considered a standard on Linux systems.
Just run the binary (actually a shell script) and it'll get
uncompressed on the fly.

This intro was developed and tested on Linux but it is possible that
it runs on FreeBSD as well. Try it if you're feeling adventurous. I
take no responsibility if anything bad should happen to your computer
or other your belongings.

Code: gormio

Windows & Mac porting cudos to: agnaL & uhef

entro_py_by_exile_studios  - the intro executable
entro.py                   - the code that is packed to the executable
entro_windows.py           - windows port
entro_macos.py             - mac os port

Note about audio: Python uses OSS for audio and that sucks. It is
quite possible that it won't get the sound device to it's use as
there might be e.g. some software mixer on the way. If the intro
doesn't start and instead throws an exception complaining that it
couldn't access the sound device, try disabling all audio related
services such as artsd. For me for example 'killall artsd' does the