Edit history for STompy / Divine Inspiration

2018-07-16 08:38:49 ltk_tscc Added STompy as a member of Divine Inspiration
2018-05-13 19:34:25 TronicOfEffect Updated STompy's membership of Effect: changed member to STompy, set as ex-member
2017-07-24 20:56:45 ltk_tscc Added link ftp://fujiology.untergrund.net/users/ltk_tscc/fujiology/ST/F/FU_MAN/
2017-07-16 10:46:44 ltk_tscc Added STompy as a member of Effect
2017-07-16 10:46:21 ltk_tscc Edited nick 'STompy': set as primary nick
2017-07-16 10:45:55 ltk_tscc Added nick 'STompy'
2017-07-16 10:45:13 TronicOfEffect Set location to United Kingdom
2016-08-06 15:23:43 ltk_tscc Added credit for The F.U. Man on Mod Disk #14: Code
2014-12-14 16:50:07 ltk_tscc Updated The F.U. Man's membership of The Golden Dawn: set as ex-member
2014-12-14 11:06:43 ltk_tscc Added The F.U. Man as a member of The Golden Dawn