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Glucholazy 2015 results and files!

28 Jul 2015

Glucholazy was held last weekend among several other parties at that time. The party is dedicated to the atari 8bit scene.



Crinkler 2.0 is out!

28 Jul 2015

A significant new version of the intro compression tool Crinkler is out - go read the release notes, and get compressing those files :)

Solskogen 2015 results and files!

14 Jul 2015

We're a little late with this news, since both were technically available on sunday already, but your friendly newswriter was slightly Dead Inside (tm) as a result of being one of the organizers of the event. :)

Sommarhack results and files!

07 Jul 2015

Edison was not the only game in town in Sweden last weekend, as the Atari scene came out in force for another edition of the traditional Sommarhack! Check out the results and files for some tasty productions!!PARTIES/2015/SOMMAR15/

Edison results and files!

07 Jul 2015

As Stockholm, Sweden's premier demo party drew to a close this weekend, the files and full results finally surfaced today. Go make some screenshots already! :)

@Party results and files

23 Jun 2015

Results have been in from @Party in Boston for a couple of days, and they are joined by the files on today.