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GAG results and files!

29 Nov 2015

Those oldskoolers up in Gothenburg are timely dudes, and already uploaded the files and results from this weekend's festivities.

Without further ado, we'll let you get to it;

FAP 2015 results and files are in!

22 Nov 2015

Finland is beating Australia pretty well in the "getting stuff out to people" stakes - here are the files and results from last night's FAP already! Enjooooy! :)

Syntax 2015 files and results are in!

21 Nov 2015

They took their sweet time, but in all fairness - these files came from the other side of the world. The results and files from last weekend's Syntax 2015 appeared in the incoming during this evening, and we've got it all sorted out and ready for you :) Have fun.

Demosplash results and files are in!

08 Nov 2015

Demosplash has evolved nicely in the last few years, and this last weekend's edition is no exception. Check out the results and the very nice entries at the link below :)

TRSAC 2015 Releases and files!

19 Oct 2015

Deadline 2015 Releases and files!

08 Oct 2015