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GERP 2015 Results are (mostly) in!

23 Aug 2015

Thanks to a spy with a camera in the hall during prizegiving (mad props to Slash/Insane!), we have most of the results filled out, way before any official results file is out :)

Now, go fill in some info, credits and get cracking on some screenshots!

Evoke files are up!

02 Aug 2015

The files from Evoke are up now @ - the results are still pending, since the award ceremony has not happened yet.

Go grab some goodness;

Assembly 2015 also happening this weekend

31 Jul 2015

I know you're blinded by that shiny, shiny Evoke banner up top, but by no means forget that our good friends over at Assembly are having their quite amazing party this weekend too! Be sure to check in with them, they have compos running both today (friday) and tomorrow, and as always - provide streams in excellent quality. And as if that's not enough, Scenesat is also on site, providing insights, interviews and color commentary.

So, the url's to follow are;

We aim to keep you informed over at as the party proceeds :)

Fuckings to lamers.

Glucholazy 2015 results and files!

28 Jul 2015

Glucholazy was held last weekend among several other parties at that time. The party is dedicated to the atari 8bit scene.



Crinkler 2.0 is out!

28 Jul 2015

A significant new version of the intro compression tool Crinkler is out - go read the release notes, and get compressing those files :)

Solskogen 2015 results and files!

14 Jul 2015

We're a little late with this news, since both were technically available on sunday already, but your friendly newswriter was slightly Dead Inside (tm) as a result of being one of the organizers of the event. :)