Riverwash returns in 2014!

07 Apr 2014

After a hiatus since 2011, the Polish demoparty Riverwash returns in 2014 for its 6th installment. Little is known apart from the announcement on demoparty.net yet, but stay tuned to our Riverwash 2014 party page and we'll fill in more details as an when they become available.

The Gathering 2014 Invite Intro released!

20 Mar 2014

The Gathering 2014 is not too far away, and today the official invite intro was released by Indigo!

Be sure to check out the production right here on Demozoo, where you'll find all the information, screenshots, links to the intro itself and youtube.

The Gathering is held at Vikingskipet in Hamar, Norway from the 16th to the 20th of April, and has participants who compete in demo compos as well as new school graphics and more. Check out The Gathering homepage for more information.

Stream 2014 announced!

18 Mar 2014

After taking a hiatus year in 2013, Stream is back for its tenth installment! Check it all out at these pages;

Stream 2014 on Demozoo
Stream 2014 on demoparty.net
Stream 2014 homepage

And as if that wasn't enough, those awesome Accession guys are arranging a bus trip from Helsinki - so you can safely get from there to Stream and back. Get on the bus at streambus.accession.fi.

And whatever you do, DON'T CROSS THE STREAMS, cause that would be bad.

Party announcement bonanza!

03 Mar 2014

We've had a busy week over here, and as things start to return to normal and we're catching up on email and twitter and irc mentions, it seems everyone and their mother announced the dates and details of their parties. So, let's do a quick list of some of the highlights;

RESETkání 2014 (may)
Birdie 2014 (may-june)
Nordlicht 2014 (july)
TRSAC 2014 (october)
X 2014 (october)

NVScene 2014 website goes live!

11 Feb 2014

The website for nvscene 2014 just went Live, and with it lots of information on the event - tickets, compos, and speakers for the seminars.

And the seminars demand special attention - the lineup is pretty stellar;

A Journey Into the Depths of a 4096 Bytes Production by David Valentine (Polaris / Northern Dragons) and Beausoleil Samson-Guilemette (Barzoule / Northern Dragons)
A Really Realtime Raytracer by Matt Swoboda (Smash / Fairlight)
A Short History of Hardware Abuse by Michael Dille (The Madd Doc / Cmucc) and Derek Kozel
An Introduction To the Possibilities of VR and AR For Digital Artists by Visa-Valtteri Pimä (Visy / Trilobit)
Demo Engine Tricks of the Trade by Armin Jahanpanah (Spike / Science)
Interactive Simulations (where nobody has to die) by Robert Hodgin (Flight404 / Cinder)
Multi-platform Graphics Done Right by Bent Stamnes (Gloom / Excess and Dead Roman)
New Ideas and Techniques For Creating Real-time Imagery by Iñigo Quilez (IQ / RGBA)
Procedural Content Generation and Shaders by Etienne Caron (Mr. Khan / NAID)
Real-time Fluid Dynamics by Maciej Matyka (Maq / Floppy)
Realtime Procedural Planets Rendering by Vander Roberto Nunes Dias (Imerso)
Rules of Thumb for (slightly) Better Design by Thomas Mann (Pixtur / Still)
Technical history lesson: Demo effects on the classic Amiga by Aske Simon Christensen (Blueberry / Loonies)

Website: http://nv.scene.org/2014/
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/485080678256355/

SceneSat Sat-U-Rated Allstars 2013

16 Jan 2014

T-101 will be hosting the SceneSat Sat-U-Rated Allstars 2013 live show on SceneSat radio.

Tune in on the 18th of January 2014, 17:00 CET to hear what voters voted as the top-25!

SceneSat Radio

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