25 May 2015

Simulaatio releases now available!

Most of the releases from Simulaatio this past weekend are now available on scene.org, and the results are added to Demozoo. Some really wonderful releases appeared, so please - go explore :)


03 May 2015

RESETkání 2011, 2012 and 2013

Someone - clearly a very smart, handsome, most excellent individual - has taken it upon themselves to backfill the files and results from RESETkání editions 2011, 2012 and 2013 on scene.org. Thus, the very same parties are now present with full results in Demozoo as well. It's probably related to RESETkání 2015 being held this very weekend, so files from that should probably appear very soon. In the meantime, go explore the historical archives! :)

http://demozoo.org/parties/2551/ - https://files.scene.org/browse/parties/2011/resetkani11/
http://demozoo.org/parties/1369/ - https://files.scene.org/browse/parties/2012/resetkani12/
http://demozoo.org/parties/2538/ - https://files.scene.org/browse/parties/2013/resetkani13/

01 May 2015

Multimatograf 2015 results!

The results from Multimatograf 2015 are now available - let's fill in some credits, screenshots and metada :)


20 Apr 2015

Stary Piernik 10 results

Results from Stary Piernik 10 are now out, and available in Demozoo. Go populate those entries with screenshots, links and downloads :)


29 Mar 2015

Results from 7DX 2015 now available

Results and information from 7DX 2015, held last weekend, is now available on demozoo. Go look, download, screenshot, enhance, and all that other wonderful stuff to it.


22 Mar 2015

Dreamdealers sources released

Recently, Amiga demo coder Sync from Dreamdealers released sourcecode for all his produtions over on Github! So if you're interested, head on over to https://github.com/pchalamet/Dreamdealers and have a look.

Thanks to emoon for the heads-up!