Finnish Amiga Party results are in!

30 Nov 2014

All the results from Finnish Amiga Party 2014 are now in Demozoo, ready to be populated with screenshots and all sorts of loveliness. :) Amigaaaaah!

Riverwash results and files

22 Sep 2014

The results and files from Riverwash 2014, held in Poland this previous weekend, are now avialble on and on Demozoo.

Screenshots and such will start appearing during today - if none of our users beat us to it :)

Demozoo on Google+

22 Sep 2014

Sorry for the radio silence recently, but we can assure you we are hard at work behind the scenes on more goodness - and we'll get right back to our normal schedule of updating everyone on the news.

In the meantime, we now have a Google+ page, where you can interact with us and put us in circles and all kinds of stuff. Go go go.

Little Bitchard blogs about the soundtrack for fr-070: Trained

04 Aug 2014

One half of the composing team behind the soundtrack for Farbrausch's 3rd-placed demo at Assembly 2014, fr-70: Trained wrote an interesting blog post about its creation that is well worth a read. The Demozoo team thinks more demo creators should do this! :)

Oh yeah, and them results and things are rolling in slowly for the rest of the party too. Go explore!

Arok 2014

21 Jul 2014

Results and files from Arok 2014, the 8-bit party held this past weekend in Hungary, is now available here and on back from the dead!

19 Jul 2014

After eight years of no updates, Spectrum demoscene portal has been brought back up to date as a front-end to the Demozoo database. Edits and additions made through Demozoo will be reflected on, but the site will maintain its 100% Spectrum focus.

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