Zoo 2013 results

menace - 11:37 2 January 2014 #

Hi people!

We have been unable to find any results from Zoo 2013 anywhere on the net - so it may just be our google-fu that that is weak, or it was never actually released as such.

We are aware that csdb appears to have all entries in the correct order, but we would rather source our info from an official source than just copying it off csdb.

If anyone can shed any light on the whereabouts of such results, then please let us know here on the forums. :)


yzi - 14:39 2 January 2014 #

As far as I know, CSDB _is_ the results list for Zoo, in practice. Or at least I haven't seen a results.txt anywhere! I have a good reason to assume this is the case, because the organizers asked me to unlock my music compo entries on CSDB (I had accidentally marked myself as the maintainer and locked the entry objects for editing), so they could enter the placements to get the results correct on CSDB.

If you want to hear it from the horse's mouth, you could of course ask the organizers like Vent or Tempest.

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