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Forever 2017 results and files are here!

20 Mar 2017

The year is 2017. The place, a small village in North-West Slovakia. The event, a long-running 8 bit only demoparty that goes by the name of Forever. It took place last weekend and all the ZX Spectrum/C64/Atari 8bit/PMD 85/ZX 81/Thomson/Sam Coupé/GameBoy releases and results are now available.

Forever 2017 on Demozoo
Forever 2017 on

BCC #11 results and files available

27 Feb 2017

Familiar beeps and blops were heard in Berlin last weekend as C64-focused party BCC was taking place. A fair amount of activity was observed and all subsequent releases are available right here.

BCC #11 on Demozoo

Full #coders 256 Byte Fire Compo online!

25 Feb 2017

Held in 1996 and organized by Gaffer^PRoMETHEUS this online compo was all about the classic fire effect. Even if the effect evolved since then in terms of size and quality some of the releases are quite nice - and only some clicks away. So check them out :)

#coders 256 Byte Fire Compo on Demozoo
#coders 256 Byte Fire Compo on

TokyoDemoFest results and files!

19 Feb 2017

Straight from Tokyo, Japan - the results and the files from this weekend's great edition of TDF are now available! It seems there are some pretty cool ones in there, so go explore and have fun! :)

TokyoDemoFest 2017 on Demozoo
TokyoDemoFest 2017 on

Full EFnet #ASM Compo Series online

19 Feb 2017

EFnet #ASM Compos 1 - 11 held between 1999 and 2004 are now online bringing you some nice releases, mostly DOS Intros. Even with some results missing this series is worth some clicks!

EFnet #ASM Compo Series on Demozoo
EFnet #ASM Compo Series on

Datastorm 2017 results!

14 Feb 2017

This weekend's Datastorm 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden was host to some amazing releases. We've had results in place since sunday, but unfortunately many files are still missing.

Edit: Files were uploaded to the Datastorm server last night, and are now available on :)

Datastorm 2017 on Demozoo
Datastorm 2017 on
Releases and results pack on


  • sts: sure we had to make some fixes to make it run as a standalone programm. - ltk_tscc on Code a Day Boot
  • Hmm this file appears to be 883 bytes big while bootsectors cannot exceed 480 bytes. Isn't it a real bootsector then ? Have I missed some... - s_t_s on Code a Day Boot
  • Nice one! - exocet on Cubesex
  • Kudos for coming up with such a nice demo all by yourself. And that new graphic mode sure looks impressive for the humble Speccy! - exocet on Ultraviolet
  • Ltk : yeah works fine now ! Thanks a lot ! - s_t_s on Code a Day Boot