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Dihalt 2017 Lite files are in!

11 Jan 2017

The files from this past weekend's Dihalt 2017 Lite finally arrived - go explore!

Dihalt 2017 Lite on Demozoo
Dihalt 2017 Lite on

High Coast Hack 2016 Winter results and releases are now complete

31 Dec 2016

Despite the wintry conditions, Amiga-related activities have been confirmed to have taken place in the North of Sweden on December 2-4. Have a look at the output by clicking on the link below.

High Coast Hack 2016 Winter on Demozoo

The Meteoriks Awards are back!

29 Dec 2016

Just like in the previous years, the Meteoriks awards set out to honor the best productions of the year 2016, and again we're striving for a very open process from the beginning by letting everyone submit their ideas for award categories!

Read more about it on the forum thread!

Under Construction 2016 files are now available!

29 Dec 2016

Somewhat belated presents of digital goodness comes in the form of the files from this weekend's Under Construction party in Gernsheim, Germany. They are now available at for your perusal. Prizegiving is at noon German time, so expect results sometime after that.

Edit: And now results appeared, so yay for that! :)

Under Construction 2016 on Demozoo
Under Construction 2016 on

Cookie 2016 results and partial releases

22 Dec 2016

Cookie 2016 was a one-day party that took place in Paris, France on 3 December. We're still chasing some of the missing releases, but for now you can browse the results and everything that's been made public by clicking the links below:

Cookie 2016 on Demozoo
Cookie 2016 on

Experience 2016 results and releases are now available!

06 Dec 2016

Experience 2016 was held last weekend in Budapest, Hungary. There were a few entries in the combined demo competition. All of them are now available to download, together with the results. Enjoy!

Experience 2016 on Demozoo
Experience 2016 on


  • The provided download is for the .ips patch only, so as long as a standalone intro version is missing, this release remains lost. - menace on Dr. Muto +4
  • The provided download is merely an .ips patch, that needs to be applied to the game rom in order to work. Until a separate intro download... - menace on Rockman Zero 2 JAP +11 Trainer
  • The provided download is for the .ips patch only, which requires the original game image to run. Until an extracted version of the intro ... - menace on Megaman: Battle Network +6
  • To those of you who have the misfortune of stumbling upon this page: This demo was quickly patched together in a few hours from a rout... - asie on StareDemo 2015
  • The download link provided is only an .ips patch that requires the original game rom to run, so until a standalone intro is available thi... - menace on James Pond Robocod +8