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Dihalt 2023: results and releases

29 Jan 2023

DiHalt took place in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia from 5th to 7th January. The results and releases are now available.

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Zenta 2022: results and releases

08 Jan 2023

Zenta, a new event that was announced as "the once-in-lifetime post-Christmas demoparty" took place in Bingen am Rhein, Germany right after Christmas. It saw a good number of releases both for new and oldschool platforms, and all are now available for download.

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Meteoriks 2023 open for suggestions

04 Jan 2023

Awards season is here again! Just like in the previous years, the Meteoriks awards set out to honour the best productions of the year 2022. Over the course of the next weeks, our jurors will wade through last year's productions and choose up to five nominees for each category. And you can help them by making sure your personal favourites are not overlooked! Until 23:59 on Sunday, January 29, you can suggest any production of 2022 to our juries directly from Demozoo - just head to the production's page and click "Recommend this production".

Vintage Computing Christmas Challenge results and releases

03 Jan 2023

During the 2nd Vintage Computing Christmas Challenge literally hundreds of people implemented the Christmas Star on all kind of systems with different languages. The top entry for the ZX81 by Dr. Beep was only 27 bytes. But also many other entries (for example written in APL or Brainf**k) were more than interesting.

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Posadas 2022 Autumn Edition: results and releases

17 Dec 2022

Spanish Amiga party Posadas took place on 8th to 11th December. The highlight of the event was arguably the release of an instant classic A500 demo, Batman Rises by Batman Group. The other releases are well worth a look too.

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Transmission64 2022: results and releases

16 Dec 2022

The third edition of the C64 party Transmission took place online on the 3rd of December. The results and releases are now available and unsurprisingly are 100% breadbox related.

Transmission64 2022 on Demozoo / CSDb


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