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A whirlwind of releases at Vortex!

04 Dec 2019

The fourth edition of Vortex took place last weekend in Finland. Most of the releases are now available for download.

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A splash across the pond!

14 Nov 2019

Demosplash 2019 took place last weekend in Pittsburgh, USA and saw a good amount of releases entered in the various competitions. As often with events in North America, the ASCII/ANSI competition in particular got some very strong entries.

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Inércia 2019 results and releases are available

12 Nov 2019

Portuguese demoparties have historically been few and far between (as far as we can tell from the worldwide demoparty map compiled by Conspiracy from Demozoo data) so any new one feels precious. Inércia 2019 took place last weekend in Almada and all releases are now available, including a port of the cult (in Portugal at least) Portuguese ZX Spectrum game "Paradise Café".

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So you want to be an alchemist?

06 Nov 2019

Alchimie was held last weekend an hour drive south of Lyon, France. Like previous editions, it was mostly focused on the Amiga and other alternative platforms. The results and releases are now all available.

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Do you come from a land down under, where demos grow and overpower?

04 Nov 2019

Another year, another Syntax in Melbourne, Australia, and like good wine, it only gets better with age. The oldschool force was strong in that one, so be sure to check out the graphics competitions!

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Results and releases for '20th Anniversary' CAFe 2019

30 Oct 2019

That's right, the first edition of CAFe was way back in 1999 on its home turf in Kazan, Russia. Over 150 releases were presented this year to celebrate the event turning 20, but it certainly wasn't all about quantity with plenty of releases being a pleasure for the eyes and/or the ears.

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