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Nordlicht 2020: results and releases!

18 Oct 2020

Nordlicht, which usually takes place in Bremen, Germany, was held this year as an online-only event. The results and releases are now available and there are plenty of nice prods to peruse.

Nordlicht 2020 on Demozoo /

Inércia Demoparty 2020 – results and releases

06 Oct 2020

Inércia was also held online this year, fully streamed on Twitch, and seems to have been a resounding success judging by the amount and quality of releases.

Inércia Demoparty 2020 on Demozoo /

Business as usual for Function 2020

21 Sep 2020

Function took place last weekend in Budapest, Hungary as an actual physical event with actual people meeting in an actual room! That doesn't happen very often those days. Plenty of releases came out of it, with a nice balance of newschool and olsdchool productions.

Function 2020 on Demozoo /

New website launched!

14 Sep 2020

A new website was launched yesterday, all about the wonderful world of 4k executable graphics. Plus, it links back to your friendly neighborhood Demozoo which we naturally appreciate a bunch. So head on over and shove some eyecandy into your eyeholes - and be sure to tell yx what an excellent site it is :)

Night in the woods

10 Sep 2020

Ah, the sweet summer nights of Salzgitter... Camping, barbecue, campfire, and... C64? That's right, Atwoods Summer Open-Air, the first outdoor-only C64 party in Germany, managed to go ahead in August unlike many other events this year. It took us a little while, but the results and releases are now properly listed and eager to catch the attention of more pairs of eyes.

Atwoods Summer Open-Air 2020 on Demozoo / CSDb

Let's open some bbs doors

19 Aug 2020

Before access to the internet was universal, BBS'es were a huge part of scene culture. Once modems became more widely available, mailswapping died down it was where we communicated and shared files. The bbs systems were extremely modular, with plugins - or "doors" - available to enhance and replace core functionality, allowing for every system operator to tailor make their bbs a unique experience. Entire groups existed solely to create these doors for the bbs scene. Now, while working on a recent project I came across quite a few of these, and while they've been part of Demozoo as any other scene-originated tool for a long time, it was time to rethink how we'd categorize these a little better. Context brings great opportunity in mapping these out, and being able to group together tools that provide the same basic functionality can be very helpful in understanding the evolution of a certain subset. has - I'd like to say always - been the largest collection of such doors on the internet. The collection features doors both for Amiga and PC systems, and our initial approach here features mostly specfic tags for the AmiExpress system. We may expand this in the future, as we figure things out for other bbs software. If anyone is looking for something to do, quite a few of these are still to be added to the database, so get cracking :) And if anyone wants to help out by setting up classic bbs systems for testing and screenshotting of these tools in action, then we would certainly not hate that. Now, for the tagging bit which I mentioned in the title. We've chosen to arrange together both actual doors and executable tools that are tailor-made for bbs use and come with instructions how to add them together under the same umbrella. Semantics. So, every tool should be tagged with bbs-door. In addition, we've implemented the following;

AmiExpress specific


Other bbs software


Door file standards



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