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Assembly 2018 winners!

07 Aug 2018

Historically the biggest Assembly Summer (over 9000+ visitors!) has now been wrapped and we can enjoy the releases on our sofas. The main demo compo was also filled with excellent quality releases. Compo results were not so clear until the prize giving, as the top 5 were all very first-rate entries.

On top of the classic compos there were also few more extras available at The Scene Lounge, which was an expected addition for the sceners to spend time between the compos. Scene Lounge also offered some mentoring with their workshops and seminars, so the party can hope to see some newcomers next year! Enjoy this years breath taking winners;

Demo; Number One / Another One by CNCD Fairlight
64K Intro; Out of the Box by Adapt
4K Intro; HBC-00016: Core Critical by Half-Bit Cheese
1K Intro; Geelimanipulaatio by gib3 and tix0
Oldskool Demo; Shattered Minds by Byterapers

All about Assembly 2018!

06 Aug 2018

For the 27th time (!), the annual edition of Assembly just closed its doors in Helsinki and there are TONS of releases to get your eyes on.

Assembly 2018 on Demozoo / on

Datastorm - all files are out!

04 Aug 2018

It was another fabulous Datastorm in beautiful Gothenburg. :) Now, all files are out an available on

Datastorm 2018 on Demozoo / on

Update: Graphics and music entries from Voyage 1995 now complete!

03 Aug 2018

Thanks to our friend Asle, we just got hold of an archive containing all the entries of the Graphics competition at Voyage 1995, most of which we were missing. Now if someone had the entries from the Music competition, that would be perfect!

Update: And after some further digging, Asle came through once again, with an almost-complete set of the music! The only tune missing from this party now is the winner, which as far as we can tell was never spread. If someone knows otherwise, or even better - has a copy of the module, LimeStone by TranceTip, DO get in touch! :)

Assembly assembles!

03 Aug 2018

Also happening this weekend is the quite amazing Assembly in lovely Helsinki, Finland, and we don't want you to miss all the fun even if you can't attend. And perhaps/hopefully that will spur you on to attend next year, yeah? Yeah.

They have a special area for sceners called the Scene Lounge that you can read all about here, and also - oh we don't know, people may be doing stuff on the side of the party at some hills or other, who knows for sure really, 'tis just a rumour.

Find their channel here and get watching!

Lastly, Assembly just wants to put it out there that the do allow remote entries as well - check the compo rules, more about submitting and the deadlines for all that!


25 Jul 2018

The Stockholm demoparty Edison has files and results out now - all results are already added to Demozoo, and you can get busy examining the files, making some nice large screenshots, and generally getting stuck in with the goodness. :)

Edison 2018 on Demozoo / on


  • We only have a png of this on, so if you happen to be sitting on the original iff, let us know :) - menace on Evil Never Dies
  • Harmless? But the mighty HiRMU monster looks so cute here in ANSI format :D - Yoik on HiRMU 25 years
  • It looks pretty harmless, but I guess that's WHAT THEY WANT US TO BELIEVE! :) - menace on HiRMU 25 years
  • In finding this last missing entry of the 2008 Euskal 8 bit graphics competition, it would probably be useful to even know its platform. ... - menace on Sin titulo
  • The first time the mighty HiRMU monster has been seen in ANSI format - hirmuvaltias on HiRMU 25 years