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The Nano Awards 2023 - now open for recommendations

02 Dec 2022

To celebrate the best tiny intro productions, we'll be awarding the top productions of 2022 on February 10th, 2023 at the Lovebyte 2023 Demoparty.
And the best thing is you will be able to recommend tiny intro productions right here on Demozoo from December 1st 2022 until January 1st 2023.

To make your life easier, We've aggregated all tiny intros from 8 bytes up to 1024 bytes released in 2022 into the following 3 categories:

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Demosplash 2022: results and releases

30 Nov 2022

Demosplash is one of the largest and longest-running demoparties in North America and the latest edition took place on 18-19 November in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. All releases are now ready for your perusal.

Demosplash 2022 on Demozoo /

Releases and results for Mysdata 2022

29 Nov 2022

Mysdata, a new C64 + Amiga event organised by Censor Design, Fairlight and Genesis Project in the spirit of Gubbdata, took place in Karlskrona, Sweden on 18-20 November. The results and releases are now in.

Mysdata 2022 on Demozoo /

Results and releases from Inércia Demoparty 2022

15 Nov 2022

Inércia took place on 4-6 November in Lisbon, Portugal. All results and releases are now available.

Inércia Demoparty 2022 on Demozoo /

Zoo 2022: results and releases

06 Nov 2022

Zoo 2022 took place in Finland on 28-30 October and saw around 225 visitors at the party place, plus around 3,000 stream viewers. Zoo is a C64-only event so expect the vast majority of the 158 releases to be specific to that platform!

Zoo 2022 on Demozoo /

Results and releases for CAFe 2022

02 Nov 2022

The popular Russian event took place in Kazan on 21-23 October and this time again saw a flurry of high-quality releases. Most of the love was reserved for the ZX Spectrum, but other platforms old and new also got their share of attention.

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  • Thank you! And we will do our very best... 🖐👁 - pararaum on Hands Watch You
  • Haha i love it ! totally cool and weird ! please more ! - yogib33r on Hands Watch You
  • Not compatible with Cowbell; the SID only plays the 3rd voice. - ericorsio on Magical SID Shower
  • 4.8k only, Best in compo! - superogue on Onescreen 5k
  • This protracker file is ~500 bytes too big. However when looking at the samples, they are missing between between 100 and 200 bytes each ..… - asle on Motion