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Revision Airways 2019 has landed. All releases are ready to be collected.

24 Apr 2019

Like a jumbo jet, it was big, it was loud, and it released tons of stuff in the atmosphere: Revision 2019 closed its door on Monday and it cemented its reputation at the biggest demoscene event of the moment. The Amiga demo competition was arguably one of the best of the decade (if not longer) but there were some amazing releases in all categories. We did our best to share as much information as possible on the prods as they were presented, but we now have the full picture ready for you: the full catalogue of prods with placements, download links and often credits and screenshots (we need more of those, plz help!).

Revision 2019 on Demozoo /

Public Service Announcement

20 Apr 2019

Now that the compos at Revision Airways are well under way, we felt it pertinent to mention something that a lot of new visitors might not be aware of. Here at Demozoo, we make a concerted effort at giving the best coverage on both historical and in-progress compos at demoparties, and one of the ways we do this is by making sure all entries are available in our database. INSTANTLY. That means, we add info directly as it appears, so entries are open for comment and further populating of metadata - credits, screenshots, soundtracks, trivia and everything else from the second they are shown.

So, if you just had your entry shown and you are eager to add it to the database, please do a quick search first - because odds are, we already got it in there, and you can just add info to the existing entry. This is true not just for Revision, but for most parties, all year round.

We coordinate over at our slack team, so please do head on over to to get invited if you are not already in there.

There, then. Onwards to more amazing entries.


20 Apr 2019

Last night we witnessed the Meteoriks awards 2019, presented live on stage by Dojoe and Alkama, as well as a whole host of jurors presenting the individual awards. If you missed the show, it can be seen in its entirety on YouTube - or you can read and click through to the winners below!


New Talent - YX
Best Soundtrack - Bros Before Foes by Poo-Brain and Logicoma
Best Small High-End Intro - Oscar's Chair by Eos
Best Visuals - Zetsubo by Prismbeings
Best Low-End Production - Pt 2 Horizons by Unique
Best High-End 64k Intro - Trashpanda by Logicoma
Outstanding Technical Achievement - ikubun (幾分) by fsqrt and Jetlag
Best High-End Demo - Number One/Another One by Fairlight and CNCD
Best Direction - When Silence Dims The Stars Above by Conspiracy 2019 releases!

11 Apr 2019 2019 was happening place last weekend, and as the name suggests (as the brightest minds would certainly have noticed!), it was a Polish party dedicated to the ZX Spectrum and its close relative SAM Coupé. We now have all the prods listed here, make sure to have a look at the entries in the Graphics competitions in particular. 2019 on Demozoo /

Results and releases from 8-bit extravaganza Forever are in!

21 Mar 2019

The long-running 8-bit only Slovakian party took place last weekend and we now have all the releases available - save for a couple of entries in the Wild category and that impressive Spectrum demo from no less than the legendary Scoopex. Plenty of high quality releases for ZX Spectrum, Atari 8 bit, C64 and beyond for you to ooze at, and the vast majority of them have screenshots even!

Forever 2019 on Demozoo /

Orphan parties

19 Mar 2019

Every now and then we run across parties where information is scarce, but some of the files survived. We try our best to piece stuff together, but without results it's down to tireless research, looking at text files, filenames and metadata hidden inside the files themselves. Two recent examples came up, and we figured "hey, we have a pretty great-looking, well smelling, good tempered community, perhaps one of them knows a thing or two about these events?". So, here you go. Please halp.

Special thanks go out to our tireless scene archeologist Asle, who found the Delirium files and helped us make sure those are preserved and mirrored over at

Delirium 2003 at Demozoo
The Meltdown 2005 at Demozoo