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Evoke files now available!

15 Aug 2016

And in the wee hours of today, files for Evoke appeared. Enjoy!

Evoke on Demozoo
Evoke on

Evoke results, some files available!

14 Aug 2016

Quite a few files are still missing in action, but the results are available - on, and right here, so everyone can get cracking on those screenshots, those credits and that metadata :)

It looks like it was an amazing event, with some stunning releases!

Evoke on Demozoo
Evoke on

Assembly files and results available!

08 Aug 2016

We were hoping to bunch these into one news post, which is why we held off, but since there is still no results.txt from Assembly available we'll just let you know that at least the files are available from (as they were from yesterday evening).

Assembly 2016 on Demozoo
Assembly 2016 on

Have fun!

Edit: Results surfaced, all good!

Solskogen 2016 files and results!

17 Jul 2016

Oh yeah - the files and results from Solskogen are now available for your perusal. All the music from the Oldskool Music competition is available to play right in your browser, thanks to the wonder that is Cowbell :)

Solskogen 2016 on Demozoo
Solskogen 2016 on

Dihalt 2016 files and results arrive!

04 Jul 2016

Our Russian friends in Dihalt also came in with their results and files. Go explore. :)

Dihalt 2016 on Demozoo
Dihalt 2016 on

Nordlicht files are in!

03 Jul 2016

Nordlicht is an efficient bunch, and won the "make our files available" race - files from all compos are now available over on We already detailed the compos as they were happening, so now - everyone go tie all that information together, make screenshots and detail it all :)

Please note that no results are available yet, as Nordlicht does not have prizegiving until this morning.

Nordlicht on Demozoo
Nordlicht on


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