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Euskal 2020 results and releases

04 Aug 2020

Historic Basque event Euskal has grown into a lot more than a demoparty in the past decade, but traditional competitions are still held every year and always attract some interesting releases. The 2020 edition was held at the enf of July and the results and releases are now in.

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FieldFX 2020, over and out

27 Jul 2020

FieldFX, the "mini demoparty at Electromagnetic Field" that's usually held in a field somewhere in England but was-an-online-event-this-year-can-you-guess-why took place last weekend. The number of releases saw a massive jump compared to the previous edition and includes what is probably the only version of Bad Apple you want to watch in full.

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Flash Party 2020 results and releases

21 Jul 2020

The 10th edition of the only (?) South-American party was virtually held in Argentina last weekend and the releases are now all in, and very impressively every single one of them has a screenshot (big up to our contributor Arlequin!). Have a look, there's something for everyone, both oldschool and newschool.

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Plenty of sun left in the virtual forest

16 Jul 2020

The long-running Norwegian demoparty took place last weekend, albeit as an online-event this year (starting to see a pattern here?). Nonetheless, digital attendance was high, spirit boisterous, and the releases plentiful! Click below and see for yourself.

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Lost Party 2020 has been found!

13 Jul 2020

(Apologies for the lame pun) Lost Party, the new kid of the block of the Polish 8 bit demoparties, was held last weekend and the releases are now in. As usual, expect pretty and melodious things for the Atari 8 bit and C64.

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Edison 2020 results and releases

10 Jul 2020

The "Digital Beach Demoparty" is over and the tide has brought us a nice selection of newschool and oldschool releases that are ready to delight you between two dips in the ocean. Enjoy, but remember — wear sunscreen.

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