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melcom's chiptune archive now on

08 May 2022

Almost 20 years ago, melcom and a bunch of other demosceners got together with the idea to build a chiptune archive. They got a lot of support from the demoscene, in particular the #coders.ger IRC channel and the website The archive was eventually discontinued in 2004 as the authors moved on with their lifes, but a snapshot from the site as of February 2005 was preserved. At this point, the archive consisted of:

  • More than 2k classic adlib modules
  • More than 4.2k classic chiptune modules
  • More than 1.7k classic ym modules

This snapshot of melcom's chiptune archive is now available on for you to explore and enjoy!

Results and releases from Revision 2022!

19 Apr 2022

This year's Revision was pretty much the first decentralised demoparty with a main virtual event coupled with smaller in-person satellite events in various parts of Europe. The event just concluded yesterday but already all entries are listed on Demozoo and downloadable from Kudos to the organisers and all our contributors for their swiftness!

Revision 2022 on Demozoo /

Gerp 2022: results and releases!

17 Apr 2022

After being cancelled once, this year's Gerp finally took place in Skövde, Sweden at the beginning of this month. As usual, this was predominantly an Amiga event so expect most of the releases to be geared towards our beloved OCS/ECS and AGA machines - but not only! You'll also find some impressive prods running on C64 and Atari hardware.

Gerp 2022 on Demozoo /

BCC Party 2022: results and releases!

03 Mar 2022

The 2022 edition of BCC Party took place in Berlin last weekend and as usual was a C64 event only. Unusually, but for the second year in a row, it was an online-only event. A good amount of releases were submitted in the various categories and are well worth a look!

BCC Party on Demozoo /

300,000 releases!

26 Feb 2022

As of this week, Demozoo now has records of over 300,000 releases in its database, with nearly 140,000 executable productions, over 47,000 graphics and over 113,000 music tracks. It's no small feat, so we would like to say a heartful 'thank you' to all contributors, past and present, for helping preserve the history of the demoscene, from the most humble and obscure releases to the mega-hits we all know.
Those numbers are crazy when you think about them, but the most impressive thing is that we are still missing a lot of prods, especially for some of the 8 bit platforms (that's you, Amstrad CPC!) that have historically been a bit of a blind spot for us.

Lovebyte 2022's results and releases!

17 Feb 2022

The only demoparty dedicated to sizecoding took place on Twitch last weekend and generated a whirlwind of tiny but perfectly formed releases. 16 byte to 512 byte intros, oldchool or high-end, pixel art, nanogames: there's something for everyone.

Lovebyte 2022 on Demozoo /