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Instanssi 2018: results and files now available

14 Mar 2018

Instanssi 2018 took place earlier this month in Finland. The releases have been made available a bit chaotically but it seems we now have most of them!

Instanssi 2018 on Demozoo
Instanssi 2018 on

BCC Party 2018 results and files

05 Mar 2018

It's taking place in Berlin every year, it's dedicated to the C64, it happened on 23rd to 25th February, it's the BCC Party! Click below and enjoy the releases.

BCC Party 2018 on Demozoo

New platform: FreeBSD!

04 Mar 2018

While we were looking at the new Faemiyah release Adarkar Wastes from Instanssi this weekend, we noticed it targeted FreeBSD. So, curious as we are, we got to wondering how many other productions also target that platform. As it turns out, quite a few! Thankfully, our users had made good use of the tag system, so finding them were a breeze. So without further ado, here we go:

FreeBSD platform

SynchroNY 2018: results and releases all aboard!

20 Feb 2018

On 19th and 20th January SynchroNY 2018 took place across borders, starting in New York City, continuing on an Amtrak train and ending up in Montreal. Results and all releases (except one!) are now available.

Synchrony 2018 on Demozoo
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Gerp 2018 releases and results are here!

10 Feb 2018

Swedish Amiga party Gerp was back for a weekend of demomaking earlier this month and the results and files are now available. Click below for a full serving of releases for your Amiga, with a pinch of Atari ST for good measure.
Gerp 2018 on Demozoo
Gerp 2018 on

Demobit 2018 results and files are now available

09 Feb 2018

Demobit took place 2nd-4th February in Bratislava Slovakia and all the resulting demo bits (got it?) have been released - demos, intros, animation graphics and music. Enjoy!

Demobit 2018 on Demozoo
Demobit 2018 on


  • The organisers addressed this on their website's message board: 'The party place is offline so the only possibility to connect to the in... - Mibri on Forever 2018
  • Nothing to suggest they're streaming any of it as far as I can see.. - menace on Forever 2018
  • i love this prod ! surrealism rulez ! - yogib33r on Pierre Qui Roule
  • Wow! This 4k makes Atari great again! :-) - daniel on 44
  • Absolutely love the Music. - Shui on The Main Event