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Functioning files and results!

09 Sep 2018

Our good friends over in Hungary are as always on the ball, and when we wake up this morning we find all files and results from this weekend's edition of Function are already out and waiting for our perusal. So... no sense in waiting around, then is there? :)

Function 2018 on Demozoo /

Riverwash 2018 releases!

03 Sep 2018

Riverwash 2018 took place last weekend in Katowice, Poland and the results and all the many releases are already available.

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Releases from AmiParty 2018 - Summer Edition are available

30 Aug 2018

Check out the releases from this Amiga event that took place in Chełm, Poland: a handful of demos and plenty of graphics and music entries.

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Results and releases from Chaos Constructions 2018

29 Aug 2018

We've just received a sizeable shipment of demoscene items coming all the way from Saint Petersburg. As often with Russian demoparties, there was a lot of love for the ZX Spectrum, but plenty of other nice things for more recent platforms as well.

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Weekend of Screenshots, part II

27 Aug 2018

Demozoo encompasses a ginormous amount of productions across an equally gargantuan set of platforms and graphics modes and what have you. We'd like to have each and every single one screenshotted, but alas it's a big mountain to climb and we're not quite there yet. But, if it's anything we've proved since we started, it's that a little preserverance goes a long way - so let's get started fixing that, yeah? So, to kick it all off, we're arranging a second weekend-long for screenshotting ALL THE THINGS! We've set aside september 21st to 23rd - so we hope you'll show up, hang out in our Slack, and let's help each other by brininging in even more colors to paint our canvas. Colors! So many colors!

Last time out, we put some time into a document about screenshotting productions for various platforms that you can find here - perhaps there's an emulator you've never figured out, or some way on your native platfrom that you were not aware of? And if you have any corrections or ideas going forward, be sure to ping us about that too. We've got some updates for the Windows stuff coming up before the event, for sure!

Arok files and results are out!

19 Aug 2018

The Hungarian c64 powerhouse event Arok also happened this weeekend, and files and results are now available. Results have already been added to Demozoo, so now it's pretty much just a question of the discerning scener getting to donwloading and enjoying the fruits of the party!

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