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Deadline 2022: results and releases!

03 Oct 2022

Deadline took place last weekend in Berlin, Germany. All the entries are now available to browse and download. Enjoy!

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Nordlicht 2022: results and releases, yaaaar!

20 Sep 2022

Ahoy, mateys! Results and releases from Nordlicht are now available! Yarrrr!

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20 years of Function!

11 Sep 2022

With this year's edition, the current biggest Hungarian demoparty entered its third decade. Judging by the number and the quality of the releases, that big milestone was properly celebrated. Here's to the next 20 years!

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Silly Venture 2022 SE: results and releases

06 Sep 2022

The biggest Atari demo party had a summer edition this year. People flocked to the 34th floor the "Olivia Star" building in Gdańsk, Poland to honour once more the hardware of the Sunnyvale giant: VCS, XL/XE, ST/STE, Portfolio, Falcon, Lynx, Jaguar! This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Atari, which was another excellent reason to celebrate!

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Xenium 2022: results and releases!

03 Sep 2022

Xenium took place at the end of August in sunny Poland. All the entries are now available for your perusal. Enjoy responsibly!

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Nova 2022: results and releases!

30 Aug 2022

Nova took place earlier this month at its usual Devon location and the results and releases are now all available, with the usual eclectic mix of new and old unusual platforms (Archimedes, Dragon32, Teletext).

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  • Such an incredible composition with a dreamy sound, everything fits so well in the general mix! Congrats! - mpxvm on Wonderland
  • OUT OF COMPO file:10000YRS.NEO title:10000YRS (LATER) platform:AtariST 320x200 14colour pixelart. This is supposed to look like a dead a… - ming on 10000YRS (LATER)
  • I've just converted a few of my favorite 4 colour graphics (released back in a day for the 8bit system) into the neochrome format under dpa… - ming on PUZZLE8.NEO
  • I sampled the phrase, “I’ll be staying at the Commodore Hotel”, from an episode of Street Hawk. - motion on Commodore Hotel
  • Nice and just 16 colors and no complaints. ;) - bifat on Ruder hart Backbord!