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Chaos Constructions Results and Files!

30 Aug 2016

Files and results from our Russian friends at Chaos Constructions have arrived - go explore! :)

Chaos Constructions 2016 on Demozoo
Chaos Constructions 2016 on

Demozoo now supports SceneID

30 Aug 2016

Demozoo has now integrated SceneID functionality for the login!

SceneID is a unifying OAuth2 service for accessing demoscene-related sites securely. Read more at

You can now connect your existing account to SceneID and start enjoying hassle free access to Demozoo. Just log out and log-in again using your SceneID and then you are presented with an option to connect to your Demozoo account.

Evoke files now available!

15 Aug 2016

And in the wee hours of today, files for Evoke appeared. Enjoy!

Evoke on Demozoo
Evoke on

Evoke results, some files available!

14 Aug 2016

Quite a few files are still missing in action, but the results are available - on, and right here, so everyone can get cracking on those screenshots, those credits and that metadata :)

It looks like it was an amazing event, with some stunning releases!

Evoke on Demozoo
Evoke on

Assembly files and results available!

08 Aug 2016

We were hoping to bunch these into one news post, which is why we held off, but since there is still no results.txt from Assembly available we'll just let you know that at least the files are available from (as they were from yesterday evening).

Assembly 2016 on Demozoo
Assembly 2016 on

Have fun!

Edit: Results surfaced, all good!

Solskogen 2016 files and results!

17 Jul 2016

Oh yeah - the files and results from Solskogen are now available for your perusal. All the music from the Oldskool Music competition is available to play right in your browser, thanks to the wonder that is Cowbell :)

Solskogen 2016 on Demozoo
Solskogen 2016 on


  • Original intro coded by Gaston and updated by Renegade. - Galahad on Clockwiser
  • There is a secret in this intro.....try finding the secret keyboard key that activates it ;) - Galahad on F-117A
  • For the record this was a colour calibration pattern we made for the projector on Kusma's laptop because it was the first hardware at han... - Gargaj on squares
  • Download ( - revised version Download from - faulty version - krotan on Poltora
  • Es gibt nun eine deutschsprachige Dokumentation über die Scene, in der es auch viele Aufnahmen von der Evoke 2016 gibt. Auch einige Compe... - Magic_van_Lam on Evoke 2016