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F-F-F-FOUR demoparties in one weekend!

11 Jul 2021

That's right, no less than four demoscene events took place over the past few days: multiplatform Edison that happened online and in Stockholm this year, Atari 8-bit and ZX Spectrum event Lost Party that was an actual meetup in Poland, Atari-only Sommarhack that was also an online thing instead of at its usual Swedish hideout, and week-long extravaganza Underground Conference in Germany that closed its door on Sunday.

Edison 2021 on Demozoo /
Lost Party 2021 on Demozoo /
Sommarhack 2021 on Demozoo /
Underground Conference 2021 on Demozoo /

Gubbdata 2021!

07 Jul 2021

This years' Gubbdata happened over the weekend, and with it came a downright absurd amount of releases. Our friend and organizer Hedning has painstakingly added screenshots and info to give you the complete post-party experience, so you should really just get cracking and watch some stuff, listen to some sounds, and complain how it was all better in the old days, when you were young.

Gubbdata 2021 on Demozoo /


06 Jul 2021

QBParty took place last weekend in Hungary and the results and releases are now available, mostly for modern platforms with a few MS-DOS and C64 releases for good measure!

QBParty 2021 on Demozoo /

ZIPCMT - A tool to extract comments from .zip files

20 Jun 2021

Ipggi - demozoo user and admin of - created a tool that allows users to extract comments from .zip files. "Comments?" you may ask? Ipggi explains:

"During the first half of the 1990s, it was common for BBSes to add ASCII and even ANSI text adverts onto ZIP file archives.
There are many thousands of BBS and FTP site adverts hidden in people's DOS and Amiga(?) zip file collections that I think are worth preserving by themselves."

Read more + get the tool:
github / pouet thread
demozoo prod page

Forndata Summer 2021 - results and releases!

11 Jun 2021

Forndata Summer 2021 took place online rather than on the beautiful island of Gotland, but that didn't stop the releases (Amiga and C64 mostly) to flood in, as you will no doubt see for yourself.

Forndata Summer 2021 on Demozoo /

Hurricane and Brutal 1992 pc demo compo unveiled!

07 Jun 2021

A lot of us that work on Demozoo are focused on preservation, and we spend a lot of our time sifting through dumps and captures, seeing if we can find one of the many things from our culture that has been deemed 'lost' or is unknown. Therefore, it is double exciting when we stumble onto something like this: staff member sensenstahl found the entire pc demo competition from the Hurricane and Brutal Summer Party 1992!

If you have a bunch of disks, tapes, harddrives or anything else you need help dumping, our team has a lot of experience in preservation - join our Discord and come chat with us in the #diskdumping channel. :)


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