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DiHalt 2019 results and releases!

11 Jul 2019

DiHalt took place last weekend in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia and as always, had a strong ZX Spectrum focus (but not only!). Full results and releases are now available.

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Edison 2019 results and releases

10 Jul 2019

Edison took place last weekend in Stockholm, Sweden and according to the releases, saw a good balance of newschool and oldschool people join. All the releases are now available for download, including a demo for a very uncommon platform, the Sinclair QL.

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Results and releases for Sommarhack!

09 Jul 2019

Once a year, in the middle of summer, deep inside the Swedish pine forests, the Atari crowd hold their annual powwow. This year these wise people brought us many releases for us to marvel at, and, save for a few exceptions, they now happen to be ready to download on Demozoo.

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Results and releases from Gubbdata 2019

03 Jul 2019

Gubbdata was held last weekend in Lund, Sweden and was a big success this year with 92 productions released for an attendance of around 100. As usual, it's 99% C64 with high quality across the board.

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Very Important Party 2019: results and releases!

02 Jul 2019

VIP was celebrating its 20th anniversary last weekend with a very important new demoparty not too far from Lyon in France. All the releases are now available for download.

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Nova 2019 results and releases are in!

24 Jun 2019

Nova took place last weekend in a small corner of Devon in England and all the entries are already available for download. The event also got a mention in a national media. Enjoy!

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  • yes ! i love it ! yes doh ho yes come on ! - yogib33r on Viva La Pasteca
  • It wont run on my TT though. Black screen at once. - jonord on Elegant Machinery
  • A really nice filled 3D show with great music, congrats for that! - dma on Elegant Machinery
  • Welcome back Deez! It's been a long wait, but a very pleasant surprise to see a great TT-demo :-) - evil on Elegant Machinery
  • I let that one run for so long. I always thought that supra-melancholic track was appropriate for the dark sunset with those two kind of... - dma on Fuzion CD #020 intro