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WaveSabre is out!

19 Feb 2019

It's been long in the making - ever since we first heard it in Backscatter back in 2015, WaveSabre has been a fabled softsynth delivering the boom to several memorable 64k intros. With Ferris and h0ffman presenting the software at the very recent Demobit event in Slovakia, we know it wasn't long - and now, finally, the software is freely available on GitHub.

Without further ado, go explore the GitHub page, and do some listening to productions tagged with wavesabre right here on Demozoo.

Now, community, give us some tuuuunes! :)

All the demo bits from Demobit

12 Feb 2019

This year's Demobit took place 1st-3rd February in Bratislava, Slovakia and seems to have done really well judging by the nice amount of releases. Click below!

Demobit 2019 on Demozoo /

Results and releases for Gerp 2019

07 Feb 2019

Gerp took place on February 1-3 in Sweden and once again olschool platforms were the main focus: Amigaaaah, as traditionally at Gerp, but also C64 and a pinch of Atari ST and ZX Spectrum.

Gerp 2019 on Demozoo /

All aboard Synchrony 2019!

03 Feb 2019

Synchrony is a peculiar demoparty in the sense that it starts in one city and ends up in another: first New York City, then on an Amtrak train and finally Montréal. Find out below what happened onboard the mystery train.

Synchrony 2019 on Demozoo /

Party weekend!

02 Feb 2019

It's another weekend full of parties all over the world, so here's the events to tune into / check out this time;

Demobit in Slovakia on Demozoo / Stream
GERP in Sweden on Demozoo / Stream
KozMOS in Finland

Have fun, and see you on the other side :)


26 Jan 2019

Hope everyone's having fun and hacking on various bits of Demozoo :) The third hackathon is well under way, and if you're not already there, please do stop by our Slack to chat. We'll be around all weekend, so come say hi!

Now, for some news. We're happy to announce that we have cooperated with the premier Amiga demoscene database Janeway, for an export of all their data, for inclusion in Demozoo. This means that over the next few weeks, you'll see a significant bump in Amiga-related information on Demozoo. Just to put the amount of data in perspective, they currently sit at over 90,000 productions alone. Thank you very much to the entire Janeway team - particularly Asle and Zeg, for the generous gesture of allowing us their data. At Demozoo, we value open data, and we're very happy that our brothers and sisters working on more specific sites feel the same.

We'd like to stress very explicitly that this does not in any way shape or form mean that Janeway is going away. The team is motivated and active, and will still be going forward for many years to come.


  • And one in Sweden, just to complete the confusion! :) - menace on Subway BBS
  • Holy Moly! The ST has never sounded better than this! Totally rocks! - daniel on Bullet Sequence
  • Nice filters! - 100bit on S-BAD
  • This tune was supposed to be the lead music for a Sci-fi game made by The Crazy Cowboys. It was never finished however, But the tune surv... - hedning on Still a Union
  • Plauze has done really thorough job at ripping these acid classics. This is from B.W.P. Experiments - Feel House Of E (Bonzai Records) - egz on Venom Sign