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DiHalt 2018 Lite files and results!

07 Jan 2018

Files and results from this weekend's DiHalt event in Russia just popped in the door, and we've made sure to add all the results to Demozoo, so all you lovely people can go ahead and match some files, create some screenshots, add some credits, and comment on it all.

A special shout-out to our very own Sensenstahl who took home 1st prize in the high end intro competition with Demozoo ad!

DiHalt 2018 Lite on Demozoo
DiHalt 2018 Lite on

Last Party 2017 - last results and releases for this year!

31 Dec 2017

This year marked the 20th anniversary of Last Party, the Polish Atari 8 bit only event that traditionally takes place just after Christmas. This time again there's a nice bunch of releases to end 2017 with. See you in 2018 for more demoscene goodness!

Last Party 2017 on Demozoo
Last Party 2017 on Fujiology

Under Construction - construction complete!

30 Dec 2017

This weekend's Under Construction seems to have been another roaring success for the construction workers in Attention Whore, with some reeeeally tasty releases. So, really - just get stuck in and explore :)

Under Construction 2017 on Demozoo
Under Construction 2017 on

Cookie 2017 results and files!

20 Dec 2017

The second edition of Cookie took place in Paris on 8-9 December and was a bigger event than the first one with a good amount of releases over all the categories. Let's hope for another edition next year.

Cookie 2017 on Demozoo
Cookie 2017 on

Experience 2017 releases and results available!

14 Dec 2017

A fresh delivery of 7 intros and demos straight from Budapest, Hungary. Click below and enjoy!

Experience 2017 on Demozoo
Experience 2017 on

Several demoscene sites down, including SceneSat and Modland

07 Dec 2017

Due to a broken raid controller, several demoscene sites are currently down. The operators are currently working on sourcing a replacement, so they can rebuild the raid and get things back online.

Affected sites are:

SceneSat (website and radio)
BitJam Radio

And several other hosted sites as well.

We'll update this news item with any new information as soon as we know more.

EDIT: Modland is now back up.

SceneSat is also back running on a temporary
machine until things are completely fixed.


  • Great work indeed, and a nice surprise at the party place. The 2D stuff is super impressive: stunning high color graphics and amazing-loo... - exocet on Rise Of The Blackstorm
  • Nice demo ! Lots of fx and gfx and that music rocks hard ! Better transitions would have been awesome though. - s_t_s on Rise Of The Blackstorm
  • Great work guys :) - evil on Rise Of The Blackstorm
  • What ? Thought that the band was dead in 1999 ! Never heard about that prod, need to check it out as soon as possible ! - s_t_s on Solar System
  • Need to rewatch this prod but having a very fond memory of it :) - s_t_s on Sometimes Bumblebee Flies Higher Than Falcon