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Synchrony 2018: results and releases all aboard!

20 Feb 2018

On 19th and 20th January Synchrony 2018 took place across borders, starting in New York City, continuing on an Amtrak train and ending up in Montreal. Results and all releases (except one!) are now available.

Synchrony 2018 on Demozoo
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Gerp 2018 releases and results are here!

10 Feb 2018

Swedish Amiga party Gerp was back for a weekend of demomaking earlier this month and the results and files are now available. Click below for a full serving of releases for your Amiga, with a pinch of Atari ST for good measure.
Gerp 2018 on Demozoo
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Demobit 2018 results and files are now available

09 Feb 2018

Demobit took place 2nd-4th February in Bratislava Slovakia and all the resulting demo bits (got it?) have been released - demos, intros, animation graphics and music. Enjoy!

Demobit 2018 on Demozoo
Demobit 2018 on

New cross-platform music player: HippoPlayer!

31 Jan 2018

Friend of the site, Daniel Collin has finally unveiled a project he has been working on: A cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) music player specifically for demoscene-centric formats! It's still early days, but he's hoping announcing it now will help with participation from the scene (and the rest of the world), so start adding some issues for features you'd want to see, any bugs you may encounter, and if this project interests you on a code level, it's written in Rust and your code contributions are also more than welcome!

Announcement on twitter:
GitHub page:
Early builds:

Modland webplayer!

27 Jan 2018

Recently, a new webplayer appeared for playing tunes directly off Modland, by way of the libxmp library. Ofcourse, Modland containing as vast a selection of tunes as it does, only a subset of tracker tunes are available, but it's still 161 thousand at the time of writing, so you're not too bad off. You can basically just set it off, and it finds random songs to play, making your own random demoscene music radio station.

I'm sure the author of the webpage, schugo, appreciates any feedback you can give him, so please let him know his project rocks :)

TMDC 20 results and files - who needs graphics?

22 Jan 2018

For 20 years TMDC (aka Text Mode Demo Compo) has been celebrating the fine art of making demos in text mode only. The results and files of the latest edition have just been released. Enjoy!

TMDC on Demozoo


  • full list of tunes (too lazy to actually add them all here right now) - Revenant on Sid Mania
  • -======================================================================- | Music by MopeDude ... - dad1916 on Happy Little Chips
  • ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||... - dad1916 on PPoT: Press Play on Tapeworm
  • rudimentary tune and a bunch of scrollers. - dad1916 on antiox
  • Well ask the authors :) - ltk_tscc on Crapman (The FUN release – preview)