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Fjälldata 2023: results and releases

06 Mar 2023

The latest edition of Fjälldata was organised by Genesis Project and Triad and took place in Östersund, Sweden on 10-12 February. As the previous editions, it was pretty much a C64-only event. Results and releases are now available.

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Lovebyte 2o23: results & releases

17 Feb 2023

The online demoparty dedicated to sizecoding took place from february 10th - 12th. Over 300 intros got released ranging from 1k down to 8 bytes covering multiple platforms. All the releases by newcomers, sceners and veterans are only a few clicks away for you to enjoy:

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GERP 2023: results and releases

13 Feb 2023

GERP 2023 took place in Skövde, Sweden from January 20th to 22nd. It was the 11th edition of the annual Amiga demoparty since its beginning 2013. The event was organized by the groups Traktor, Nature, Insane and Genesis Project and attracted about 90 visitors.

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Last Party 2023: results and releases!

12 Feb 2023

The latest edition of Last Party took place in Poland on 5th-8th January and was as usual pretty much a 100% Atari 8 bit event. The results and releases are now available.

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Silly Venture 2022 Winter Edition: results and releases

02 Feb 2023

The 2022 Winter Edition of the biggest Atari demoscene event of the moment, Silly Venture, took place in Gdansk on 8-11 December. Once again, dozens of releases saw the light of day and every generation of Atari hardware, from the VCS to the Falcon and the Jaguar, received some love.

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Dihalt 2023: results and releases

29 Jan 2023

DiHalt took place in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia from 5th to 7th January. The results and releases are now available.

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  • Check out the event's webpage for the Black on Black fun compo. - Wil on Vintage Computing Carinthia $20
  • Laffik: I doubt the organizers follow here for questions, so for the future it's probably better to ask them directly, but:… - menace on Revision 2023
  • nice work! - jok on The Big Reset
  • A wealth of fresh effects combined with clever display-listing. Best in compo! - superogue on Ganzfeld
  • @unlock: yeah, for now. let's hope the coder will get back to it - sensenstahl on Black & White