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Archiving the scene's BBS past

12 Jan 2022

Bulletin board systems (BBSs) were crucial communication and file exchange hubs for the scene well up to the mid-1990s. Scattered all over the globe, they represent a whole era, both for the legal/demo and the illegal parts of the scene. Already a while ago, Demozoo began to catalogue BBSs that had a scene connection. Now, just over a year later, we have over 7500 BBSs in our system, complete with sysops, affiliated groups, BBS intros, text ads etc. – and more are getting added every day.

You can browse the “boards” through an alphabetical list, or through our BBS-related tags. But, most excitingly, you can browse the global BBS network on a world map, a generous New Year gift by Gargaj/Conspiracy.

Enjoy the trip into a forgotten era of scene history, and if you were part of that yourself, please feel welcome to join our preservation efforts in this field. Also, if you were a sysop yourself and still have your BBS back-ups, please get in touch.

DiHalt 2022: results and releases

12 Jan 2022

DiHalt took place last weekend in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia and was as usual very much a ZX Spectrum-centric event. All competitions were well-attended and there are plenty of nice releases to peruse.

DiHalt 2022 on Demozoo /

Results and releases for Transmission64 2021 Fall Edition

30 Dec 2021

Slightly late one that one, but the results and releases from Transmission64 2021 Fall Edition (quite a mouthful!) which took place online earlier this month, are now available. C64 only as usual!

Transmission64 2021 Fall Edition on Demozoo / / CSDB

Silly Venture 2021 Winter files!

28 Dec 2021

Finally all the files from Silly Venture 2021 Winter edition are available. Grey managed again to take us to the Atari wonderland by organizing another great event with some brilliant releases.

Silly Venture 2021 Winter on Demozoo /

TokyoDemoFest 2021!

17 Dec 2021

The long-running and only Japanese demoparty TokyoDemoFest took place online last weekend. The full results and releases are now available.

TokyoDemoFest 2021 on Demozoo /

Results and releases Syntax 2021

05 Dec 2021

Australia's only demoparty was back in force last weekend and attracted a fair amount of lovely releases, including a boatload of C64 graphics.

Syntax 2021 on Demozoo /


  • Yeah well it has the USSR logo on it... so it IS a USSR release. Period. - ltk_tscc on Fire Force Cracktro
  • USSR does not created anything on ST. We didn't have all ST machines :-( Only Paskud have one. This is Paskud/JAO/BCA production. - muro on Fire Force Cracktro
  • This is Paskud and JAO production. Paskud was member of USSR. I don't know JAO - muro on Populous 2 Cracktro
  • Thanks to King Arthur and Frenzy for the floppy disk! - menace on Tool-Box 22
  • Used a too dark screen while making this and the TV connected to Amiga wasn't a winner either. Well, maybe I'll make an improved version on… - la_mettrie on Bad Glitch Day