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Orphan parties

19 Mar 2019

Every now and then we run across parties where information is scarce, but some of the files survived. We try our best to piece stuff together, but without results it's down to tireless research, looking at text files, filenames and metadata hidden inside the files themselves. Two recent examples came up, and we figured "hey, we have a pretty great-looking, well smelling, good tempered community, perhaps one of them knows a thing or two about these events?". So, here you go. Please halp.

Special thanks go out to our tireless scene archeologist Asle, who found the Delirium files and helped us make sure those are preserved and mirrored over at

Delirium 2003 at Demozoo
The Meltdown 2005 at Demozoo

Instanssi 2019!

10 Mar 2019

Instanssi is a "festival of digital creativity" held in Jyväskylä, Finland. Full results are in and the releases are (mostly) all listed.

Instanssi 2019 on Demozoo /

Fresh freight from Fjälldata

05 Mar 2019

Fjälldata (which apparently translates as "mountain data" if your Swedish is rusty) is a small demoparty in the northern part of Sweden with a main focus on the venerable C64. The party's page has now been updated with all the latest releases.

Fjälldata 2019 on Demozoo

BCC #13 results and releases!

26 Feb 2019

What takes place in Berlin every year in February, lasts 2 days and is all about the C64 scene? BCC that is, and we have gathered all of this year's releases for you to peruse.

BCC 2019 on Demozoo

WaveSabre is out!

19 Feb 2019

It's been long in the making - ever since we first heard it in Backscatter back in 2015, WaveSabre has been a fabled softsynth delivering the boom to several memorable 64k intros. With Ferris and h0ffman presenting the software at the very recent Demobit event in Slovakia, we know it wasn't long - and now, finally, the software is freely available on GitHub.

Without further ado, go explore the GitHub page, and do some listening to productions tagged with wavesabre right here on Demozoo.

Now, community, give us some tuuuunes! :)

All the demo bits from Demobit

12 Feb 2019

This year's Demobit took place 1st-3rd February in Bratislava, Slovakia and seems to have done really well judging by the nice amount of releases. Click below!

Demobit 2019 on Demozoo /