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Preservation hackathon this weekend!

21 Sep 2021

Here at Demozoo, we're all about making sure demoscene history is preserved, for future generations to enjoy and study. We do this in a variety of ways, by finding old software around the internet and making sure it is properly stored, mirrored and available for all.

Perhaps even more importantly, a few community members make it their passion to dump old media - and there's a crapton of stuff missing from the annals of history on all platforms. So, we are forever searching for materials to dump, scan and make available - from floppy disks, harddisks, zip disks, tapes and even disk covers and swapping letters.

We're dedicating the coming weekend to this endeavour, and hope to be sharing some of our enthusiasm and perhaps find some lost gems. We'll be hanging out in #diskdumping on our Discord server and perhaps a few of us will also be streaming some actual dumping? Drop in, hang out, and let's see if we can't help each other make more lost productions significantly less lost.

Function 2021: results and releases are here!

15 Sep 2021

Function took place in Budapest, Hungary last weekend. Many people went. Many releases were made - tiny intros, lovingly pixelled images, awe-inspiring demos, pleasant-sounding tunes. Time to check them all out!

Function 2021 on Demozoo /

Flash Party 2021: results and releases!

14 Sep 2021

The long-running Argentinian demoparty took place online for the second year in a row, but that didn't detract contestants as the number of entries was really high - possibly the best output ever for a Flash Party. Oldschool, newschool, ANSI, ASCII, Flash Party has it all!

Flash Party 2021 on Demozoo /

Chaos still in construction

13 Sep 2021

Chaos Constructions 2021 took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia a couple of weeks ago. There were plenty of releases, with a focus on ZX Spectrum as traditionally for this event.

Chaos Constructions 2021 on Demozoo /

All releases for Silly Venture 2020 + 1 Summer are now available!

06 Sep 2021

Let's celebrate! Today we have received the final missing files from Silly Venture 2020 + 1 Summer. Feel free to explore about 102 files from atari scene's finest crowd. Compared to previous years that's a small amount but you will get high quality releases.

You can get the files here:

Silly Venture 2020 + 1 on Demozoo / / Fujiology

Results and releases for Xenium 2021

03 Sep 2021

After getting cancelled last year, Xenium was able to take place last weekend in Katowice, Poland. Plenty of releases saw the light of day, both on oldschool and modern platforms. Take a peek!

Xenium 2021 on Demozoo /