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Birdie 2022: results and releases

30 Jun 2022

Birdie was held for the 32nd time at the end of May fully online rather that it usual Uppsala, Sweden location. Those days it's more of an event geared toward gamers, but the organisers have kept demoscene-oriented competitions across the years, which is eminently commendable as it is a great way to introduce our little hobby to a younger generation.

Birdie 2022 on Demozoo /

An archive got moved to

26 Jun 2022

Today an archive (mostly MS-DOS content) with about 69xx BBStros, 23xx cracktros, artpacks, trainers and many other files (also for various platforms) that user sensenstahl build over the years got moved to while the corresponding releases in the demozoo-database got their download links successfully updated (approx 12k). With that the archive is at a good place and out of reach of certificate issues. Over time most files will find their final place while the archive will stay an ongoing project because files still pop up every now and then :)

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Results and releases from QBParty 2022!

13 Jun 2022

QBParty took place in Hungary last weekend and the releases are already all available. Check it out!

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FieldFX 2o22 releases and results are now available

12 Jun 2022

FieldFX took place in the UK and the releases are now ready for you to check them out!

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Forndata releases and results are now available!

05 Jun 2022

What is says. Go explore :)

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melcom's chiptune archive now on

08 May 2022

Almost 20 years ago, melcom and a bunch of other demosceners got together with the idea to build a chiptune archive. They got a lot of support from the demoscene, in particular the #coders.ger IRC channel and the website The archive was eventually discontinued in 2004 as the authors moved on with their lifes, but a snapshot from the site as of February 2005 was preserved. At this point, the archive consisted of:

  • More than 2k classic adlib modules
  • More than 4.2k classic chiptune modules
  • More than 1.7k classic ym modules

This snapshot of melcom's chiptune archive is now available on for you to explore and enjoy!


  • Added basic screenshots and downloads to all c64 entries now, and also to the wild entries. Still lacking the links for the amiga… - hedning on Gubbdata 2022
  • The intro tagline is generated at random, there are 4 different possible values. - papapower on Back from the Dead
  • Awesome sense of colors, texture and smoothness, only ruined by the not so beautiful outline :) - bifat on Friday the 1st
  • Tom of Finland reference, yeah! - bifat on Tom Loves GB
  • ♥♥♥♥♥ - mop on Creepy