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Full EFnet #ASM Compo Series online

19 Feb 2017

EFnet #ASM Compos 1 - 11 held between 1999 and 2004 are now online bringing you some nice releases, mostly DOS Intros. Even with some results missing this series is worth some clicks!

EFnet #ASM Compo Series at Demozoo
EFnet #ASM Compo Series at

Datastorm 2017 results!

14 Feb 2017

This weekend's Datastorm 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden was host to some amazing releases. We've had results in place since sunday, but unfortunately many files are still missing.

Edit: Files were uploaded to the Datastorm server last night, and are now available on :)

Datastorm 2017 on Demozoo
Datastorm 2017 on
Releases and results pack on

Zooo 2017 website up!

11 Feb 2017

The organizers behind the C64 party Zoo just launched a brandnew website for their upcoming 2017 edition in september! Go check it out, start polishing your entries, and book some flights to Finland :)

Zoo 2017 Website
Zoo 2017 on Demozoo

Demobit 2017 results and releases are in.

30 Jan 2017

Last weekend saw a venerable demoparty rise from its grave and shine again in Bratislava, Slovakia. The previous edition of Demobit goes indeed all the way back to 2001. Attendance and activity seem to have been really nice, so hopefully we won't have to wait 16 years for the next occurrence! The results are now known but we're still eagerly awaiting for most of the releases. Investigating. [Edit: releases are in now]

Demobit 2017 on Demozoo
Demobit 2017 on

Synchrony II results and releases available!

30 Jan 2017

We're always happy to see demoscene activity in North America and last weekend delivered with Synchrony II being held in Montréal, Canada. The results are now available and just a click away (see below). Productions are trickling in, but we're hoping for their official release soon.

edit: Releases are on now!

Synchrony II on Demozoo
Synchrony II on

Dihalt 2017 Lite files are in!

11 Jan 2017

The files from this past weekend's Dihalt 2017 Lite finally arrived - go explore!

Dihalt 2017 Lite on Demozoo
Dihalt 2017 Lite on


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