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Nano Awards 2024 - recommendations are open!

01 Dec 2023

To celebrate the best tiny intro productions, we'll be awarding the top productions of 2023 in the run up to Lovebyte 2024 Demoparty on February 9th, 2024.
And the best thing is you will be able to recommend tiny intro productions right here on Demozoo from December 1st 2023 until January 1st 2024.

To make your life easier, we've aggregated all tiny intros from 8 bytes up to 1024 bytes released in 2023 into the following 3 categories:

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STEMifinator now available!

11 Nov 2023

If you're curious about the Remix scene and want to try your hands at a remix or two, well - it just got a whole lot easier by way of the STEMifinator from AmigaRemix.

In their own words; "If you decide to remix an old module made in SoundTracker, NoiseTracker or ProTracker, this service should be able to give you the foundation you need to create a remix out of. It can also be used as a basis for a straight-up remaster. Or why don't just use it as a kickstart inspiration for a remix or a new track? The sky's the limit.

Technically, what it does is dissect the module, mute all instruments and then switch on every single instrument, one by one. After that it renders a full-length version of each instrument playing in each separate Amiga channel, meaning that you can get as much as 31*5 stems if all instruments are used at least once in each channel. The fifth file per instrument is one containing all channels baked into one. If an instrument is only used in one channel, only this 'all-file' will be present."

Live coding tournaments, documented here on Demozoo!

31 Oct 2023

Demozoo now features data on shader showdowns, byte jams and other live coding tournaments taking place at demo parties, courtesy of our friends at! Browse around and you'll find results of head-to-head competitions, galleries from multi-player extravaganzas and participation histories from stars of the live coding scene. Enjoy!

ATASCII Compo 2023: results & releases

29 Oct 2023

The 3rd edition of the ATASCII Compo was held during October 2023. Again, the entries were of great quality and diversity. The results and releases are now available for you to enjoy. A compilation disk with all entries is in the making.

ATASCII Compo 2023 on Demozoo /

Nordlicht 2023: results and releases

22 Oct 2023

Nordlicht took place on 8th to 10th September in Bremen, Germany. All releases are now available for download and contain a mix of oldschool and newschool productions, with more of the former.

Nordlicht 2023 on Demozoo /

Deadline 2023: results and releases

21 Oct 2023

Deadline 2023 took place in Berlin, Germany earlier this month. Results and releases have been available for a while, here is your friendly reminder to check them out if you haven't yet - there are quite a bunch of solid releases among them!

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