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Solskogen 2016 files and results!

17 Jul 2016

Oh yeah - the files and results from Solskogen are now available for your perusal. All the music from the Oldskool Music competition is available to play right in your browser, thanks to the wonder that is Cowbell :)

Solskogen 2016 on Demozoo
Solskogen 2016 on

Dihalt 2016 files and results arrive!

04 Jul 2016

Our Russian friends in Dihalt also came in with their results and files. Go explore. :)

Dihalt 2016 on Demozoo
Dihalt 2016 on

Nordlicht files are in!

03 Jul 2016

Nordlicht is an efficient bunch, and won the "make our files available" race - files from all compos are now available over on We already detailed the compos as they were happening, so now - everyone go tie all that information together, make screenshots and detail it all :)

Please note that no results are available yet, as Nordlicht does not have prizegiving until this morning.

Nordlicht on Demozoo
Nordlicht on

Four Parties this weekend!

30 Jun 2016

No less than four - that's 4 - parties take place this weekend, making it one of the busiest demoscene weekends in recent times. They are;

Nordlicht 2016 in Bremen, Germany.
Edison 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Gubbdata 2016 in Lund, Sweden.
Dihalt 2016 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

If you can not attend either of these events, we have it on good authority that Scenesat is a good place to hang out to catch live streams of the goings-on during the next few days. They've recently upgraded their streaming servers to a 10gbit uplink, to hopefully be able to serve everyone in a good way. We're looking forward to seeing (and hearing!) the productions pop up on Demozoo over the course of the weekend.

Happy travels!

ST News website revamped!

27 Jun 2016

Over the past half year, the ST NEWS site has been overhauled. Check it out to discover:

  • All articles!
  • All demos!
  • All music!
  • All scrollers
  • All on-disk source/bonus materials
  • All issues downloadable in optimised .ST images for your favourite emulator
  • Vastly extended and improved 100+ picture & video gallery, newly scanned where possible
  • Fully searchable
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Random article option
  • All pages commentable
  • ST NEWS site banner graphics competition
  • Bonus complete Ultimate Virus Killer book

Thanks to Frederic "Dyno" Pouydomenge for endless work, help and patience, with additional awesomeness by Karl "Mellowman" Cullen! #stnewsreborn


Demozoo is now fully https!

16 Jun 2016

You may have noticed the little green padlock in your browser url bar the last few days, and now that all the kinks have been ironed out and we are confident everything works as it should - we can hereby announce that Demozoo is now fully https compliant!

In our consideration, https should really be the standard for any website in 2016, and we are happy to finally be fully encrypted.


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