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WnUAE 4.0.0 is out

21 Jun 2018

Users of Toni Wilen's Amiga emulator for the Windows platform can rejoice, as a new major version is out! In addition to a host of improvements and bug fixes, they list 4 major new features;

  • Beam Racing Lagless VSync which reduces input latency to sub-5ms. Replaces old Low Latency VSync. (Use 1-2 slice Lagless VSync to match old Low Latency VSync behavior)
  • Virtual multi monitor support. Each virtual Amiga video output connector (Video port graphics adapter, RTG boards) can be “connected” to separate WinUAE window, emulating real hardware being connected to more than one physical monitor.
  • Debugger supports running Amiga executables from shell, adds symbol and gcc stab debugging data support, loads executable to special reserved address space which enables detection of any illegal accesses byte accurately and more.
  • Host mode FPU emulation mode is finally full extended precision (80-bit) capable. It is also fully JIT compatible.

More information as well as downloads available at the WinUAE homepage

VIP 2018's very important results and very important releases are in!

08 Jun 2018

France's very own Very Important Party was very much held last weekend not very far away from Lyon. All the releases have now been made public and are available just below.

Very Important Party 2018 on Demozoo
Very Important Party 2018

Wap-Niak 2018: results and releases available now

05 Jun 2018

Wap-Niak is a small Polish event dedicated to Atari 8-bit computers. We just got all the releases from this year's edition.

Wap-Niak 2018 on Demozoo
Wap-Niak 2018 on Fujiology

Simulaatio 2018 results and releases are in!

31 May 2018

The Finnish party took place in Joroinen last weekend and we now have all the releases nicely listed and available for download. Kippis!

Simulaatio 2018 on Demozoo
Simulaatio 2018 on

VICE version 3.2 released

26 May 2018

This one slipped by us, but it's noteworthy so we'll double back and make sure people know. The Versatile Commodore Emulator (VICE) came out with a new version, and it's probably a good idea to, you know, update. Grab it at the VICE website now! :)

We'll post the general update list below, in addition there are a number of updates for specific platforms etc.

  • New (experimental) GTK3 native port, this and the SDL(2) port will replace all other ports (which will get removed) in VICE 3.3 and onward.
  • Handling of the -keybuf command now works properly for all emulators and RAM sizes.
  • Fixed handling of LOAD"$$" with virtual devices.
  • Fixed @CD, @MD and @RD commands for virtual filesystem devices.
  • Fixed NEOS Mouse emulation.
  • Call the new CIA "8521" instead of "6526A" (which is wrong) in the UIs.
  • Added 4sid support.
  • Fixed tape wobble.
  • Erase timing fixes in flash core.
  • Don't allocate sectors on tracks > 70 in the BAM of 1571 images.
  • Ethernet emulation: fix register mapping in rr-net mode.
  • reSID: fixed envelope bugs shown by testprogs/SID/env_test/.
  • Fixed 6509 CPU port issues.
  • Added support for TAP virtual network interface.
  • Fixed drive clock overflow. Drive and host went out of sync on clock overflow (every ~4G cycles), which would break loading or custom drive code in the case loader/stuff is not idle during overflow window. Also drive would execute ~4G cycles out of sync, which made the emulator freeze for a while.

Solskogen gets nerdy about oldschool video signals!

20 May 2018

The fine people that arrange Solskogen are trying to further improve the conditions for oldschool platforms at their party this summer, and to that effect just published a supremely nerdy blog entry about just how they're going to achieve that.

Also, Solskogen has tickets out. Sun guaranteed. Bleep bloop.


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