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Moonshine Dragons 2019 releases are in

20 May 2019

Moonshine Dragons was a C64-only event that took place in Poland last weekend. We now have all the releases listed and ready for you to enjoy.

Moonshine Dragons 2019 on Demozoo

Exposive 2004 exposed!

19 May 2019

Once again, the amazing Asle comes through for us and has unearthed the files from the Polish party Exposive 2004! Previously only represented by partial results and a few graphics entries, this party is now almost complete, with just a few supersmall bits missing. We find it very rewarding to present to you:

Exposive 2004 on Demozoo

On that note; if you have files just sitting around on your harddrive, and there is no download link or a 'lost' tag is present, then please - do upload to or talk to us, and we'll make the process as effort-free as possible for you. History matters, let's all band together to try and find as much of the history of the demoscene as possible.

Asle runs Amiga Music Preservation, which you should all visit. Every day. :)

Eon deconstruction by Hoffman

28 Apr 2019

We love a good write-up of interesting productions, from any standpoint, and when someone who has taken part in a groundbreaking release writes a little about how it all came about - then, hey, where do we sign up!?

Read it all here - After you've watched Eon just one more time.

Results and releases for The Gathering 2019

25 Apr 2019

Easter weekend is not all about Revision after all, as the annual edition of The Gathering was taking place around the same time 1,300 kilometres north, in Hamar, Norway. Nowadays the event is more geared towards a younger crowd (which is a very laudable choice) but the 2D graphics competitions in particular always contain high-quality releases.

The Gathering 2019 on Demozoo /

Revision Airways 2019 has landed. All releases are ready to be collected.

24 Apr 2019

Like a jumbo jet, it was big, it was loud, and it released tons of stuff in the atmosphere: Revision 2019 closed its door on Monday and it cemented its reputation at the biggest demoscene event of the moment. The Amiga demo competition was arguably one of the best of the decade (if not longer) but there were some amazing releases in all categories. We did our best to share as much information as possible on the prods as they were presented, but we now have the full picture ready for you: the full catalogue of prods with placements, download links and often credits and screenshots (we need more of those, plz help!).

Revision 2019 on Demozoo /

Public Service Announcement

20 Apr 2019

Now that the compos at Revision Airways are well under way, we felt it pertinent to mention something that a lot of new visitors might not be aware of. Here at Demozoo, we make a concerted effort at giving the best coverage on both historical and in-progress compos at demoparties, and one of the ways we do this is by making sure all entries are available in our database. INSTANTLY. That means, we add info directly as it appears, so entries are open for comment and further populating of metadata - credits, screenshots, soundtracks, trivia and everything else from the second they are shown.

So, if you just had your entry shown and you are eager to add it to the database, please do a quick search first - because odds are, we already got it in there, and you can just add info to the existing entry. This is true not just for Revision, but for most parties, all year round.

We coordinate over at our slack team, so please do head on over to to get invited if you are not already in there.

There, then. Onwards to more amazing entries.