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QBParty 2023: results and releases

01 Jun 2023

The latest edition of QBParty took place on 13th-14th May in Pest, Hungary. The results and releases are now available.

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Outline 2023: results and releases

24 May 2023

Outline took place on 18th to 21st May in Holland. Most releases are now available to download (photo competition entries still MIA) and cover a wide range of oldschool and newschool platforms.

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68k Inside: results and releases

22 May 2023

68k Inside, a new event presenting itself as "a celebration of the Motorola 68000 CPU and its derivatives" took place from 5th to 7th May in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Releases were made for Amiga, Atari ST, and Sinclair QL.

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BCC Party 2023: results and releases

11 May 2023

This year's BCC took place in Berlin on 28th to 30th April and was as usual strictly a C64 event.

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Revision 2023: results and releases

11 Apr 2023

Revision took place last weekend in its usual Saarbrücken E-werk home turf and managed once again to deliver against the very high expectations, whether it's for oldschool platforms or modern ones (41 PC demos!).

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Forever 2023: results and releases!

29 Mar 2023

The long-running 8 bit demoparty Forever took place once again on 17-19 March in Slovakia. As usual, many fans of Atari 8 bit, C64, ZX Spectrum, and other 8 bit machines battled figuratively to showcase the technical and artistic prowesses of their favourite rudimentary computer, to great success! The organisers always pick a specific theme for each edition and the one for 2023 was "robot".

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