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Intro Creation Competition 2018 results and releases

15 Jan 2019

The C64 scene had the opportunity to flex their muscles lately with that online competition organized by our friends at CSDb. No less than 63 entries were submitted! There's no shortage of creativity and talent in sight for the little brown box.

Intro Creation Competition 2018 on Demozoo /

MAGFest Demoparty 2019: the party inside the bigger party

12 Jan 2019

MAGFest is an annual festival held in Washington, USA that celebrates video games and video game music. This year it included a demoparty for the first time and we now have all the releases on Demozoo.

MAGFest Demoparty 2019 on Demozoo /

DiHalt 2019 Lite: it's all here

09 Jan 2019

DiHalt 2019 Lite took place last weekend in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia and was the occasion for an extravaganza of ZX Spectrum releases, plus quite a few other 8-bit platforms, especially in the graphics competition. Click below and see for yourself!

DiHalt 2019 Lite on Demozoo /


01 Jan 2019

Hi, there. Hope you all had a wonderful new years celebration. This post will just be a little round-up of things that happened on the admin side at the end of the year, to catch you all up and get to kicking ass in the new year.

First of all, welcome new staff member 100bit to the fold! 100bit has been excelling as a contributor for some time, always adding and fixing information, and we believe in empowering our users - so we quickly escalated his privileges, allowing him to fix himself issues that would previously need help from an admin. Looking forward to a 2019 with you on the team, sir! :)

Secondly, towards the end of December, Gasman shipped an update to the site, enabling upload of nfo / txt / diz and any other related text file to a release - closing issue #354 on our GitHub in the process. You can find the functionality by clicking the Add Other Information button on any production, and selecting Add an info file.

Finally, we'd like to remind you that our Hackathon #3 is upcoming in late january - the 26th, to be precise. We invite you all to join us on our Slack community - get invited if you're not already there and help us hack on code, documentation, text, screenshots or any other aspect of the site you want to help out with.

Oh, and one more thing. A fantastic opportunity has come around for us, which we won't talk too much about before we have some actual results from it, but rest assured - 2019 will be very interesting. :)

All the best - upwards and onwards,

-- Menace

Under Construction 2018 files and results!

29 Dec 2018

The German party Under Construction will seemingly never be finished, since they held ANOTHER EDITION this last week. Probably, all the workers at the construction site took three days off to have beer and make demos.

Even if the construction is taking its time, we do have some files and results to show for it.

Under Construction 2018 on Demozoo /

(and yes, I used an old icon that is not in tune with the current artwork. So sue me. :) )

Haujobb releases Amiga framework on GitHub!

16 Dec 2018

A few days ago, Noname/Haujobb published their framework to GitHub, likely as an extension to a talk he and Hellfire gave at Evoke, titled Modern Amiga Demo Cross-Development. Sharing is caring, so head over there and start reading up;


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  • Solo pong; no scoring, you tilt the floating table... and well, play with yourself. :) Also the only pong I know with (deliberate?) colli... - tomaes on Pong 32K
  • Wow, the "Rewind" tune is amazing, could loop that for a whole day :) - evil on Preschool #2
  • Them phat chippies <33 Absolutely love, LOVE the graphics, especially that cute girl! - Yoik on Preschool #2
  • With this amount of talent of display, naturally amazing. Can't wait for #3 :) - menace on Preschool #2