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Solskogen 2017 results and files!

17 Jul 2017

This years' edition of Solskogen was another memorable experience, with some outstanding entries in all categories. Now that the event is over, we are left with the files, the results and deep, deep longing for the second week of july 2018. To tide you over, here are some links:

Solskogen 2017 on Demozoo
Solskogen 2017 on

Sommerhack 2017 results and most files online

09 Jul 2017

Another one of the regular Atari underground scene-events is over. You can find the results and most of the files (with a few exceptions) here:

Welcome to Demozoo Hackathon #2

08 Jul 2017

The day is upon us - we're hacking on Demozoo all day, today. I know the traditional sense of a hackathon is related to development, but we're subscribing to the extended meaning of the form - all sorts of hacking on Demozoo are welcome on this day. Screenshots? Yes please! Download links? Hell yeah! Video streaming links? Credits? Comments, even? All of them!

Now, we are very aware that it may be daunting to know where to start, and what things need attention. So, with this in mind we're letting you peek behind the covers starting today, and we've made some of our maintenance reports available for everyone! With the power of these, you can easily find stuff to do. Even something as simple as finding and adding youtube links add to the site, and makes it come alive with wonderful audiovisuals.

In addition, some of our developers will be poking at various bits of the site during the day, hopefully closing some of our open Github issues during the day as well. Who knows, there may be some very exciting improvements landing too? :)

As always, we'll be in our Slack team during the day, hanging out and any questions or anything else you can probably get answered in there - get invited if you're not already in there.

Let's have some fun and get some stuff done :)

DiHalt 2017 results and files are available!

03 Jul 2017

The latest edition of the long-running series of DiHalt demoparties took place last weekend in Nizhny Novgorod. As usual, our Russian friends came up with a lot of good, mostly ZX Spectrum, releases. Open the links below to see them all!

DiHalt 2017 on Demozoo
DiHalt 2017 on

Edison 2017: results and files

03 Jul 2017

This year's Edison was held in Stockholm a few days ago and saw a good balance of newschool and oldschool releases across all categories. Click below to see the results and files!

Edison 2017 on Demozoo
Edison 2017 on

Gubbdata 2017 results and releases!

03 Jul 2017

What a busy weekend for demoscene peeps! Genesis Project gathered some of the finest people in Lund, Sweden for a mostly C64 demoparty and at first sight you can tell it's a party that delivered. See for yourself below.

Gubbdata 2017 on Demozoo
Gubbdata 2017 on