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Arok 2017 results and files are now available

14 Aug 2017

Long-running C64 Hungarian party Arok was held 11-13 August and the results and files are now available. Plenty of nice Commodore releases as expected.

Arok 2017 on Demozoo

Assembly 2017 results and releases!

07 Aug 2017

After a weekend of intense demoscene activity in Helsinki, the complete releases and results are out and all signs point towards to this edition being a great one. This year's Assembly was pretty special as that was the 25th year it's been organized. Congrats for the achievement!

Assembly 2017 on Demozoo
Assembly 2017 on

Leifhack 2017: results and releases

02 Aug 2017

Leifhack, the "full weekend of exclusive elite data activity in the northern regions of Stockholm", was held at the end of July. We're pleased to announce we have now gotten our hands on the full set of releases and are sharing them with the world.

Leifhack 2017 on Demozoo
Leifhack 2017 on

Crazy Siberian Party 2017 results and releases are available

30 Jul 2017

It's crazy, it's Siberian, it's a party, it's the Crazy Siberian Party! Results and releases just came in straight out of Novosibirsk and this year it's all about ZX Spectrum GFX. Click below and see them all.

Crazy Siberian Party 2017 on Demozoo

Nordlicht 2017: results and (some) releases are in!

28 Jul 2017

"Multiplatform demoscene summer party" Nordlicht took place last weekend in Bremen, Germany. While most of the releases are now available, others (from the music competition mostly) haven't been made public yet. Hopefully they'll surface soon.

Edit: results available, but some productions still missing.

Nordlicht 2017 on Demozoo

Solskogen 2017 results and files!

17 Jul 2017

This years' edition of Solskogen was another memorable experience, with some outstanding entries in all categories. Now that the event is over, we are left with the files, the results and deep, deep longing for the second week of july 2018. To tide you over, here are some links:

Solskogen 2017 on Demozoo
Solskogen 2017 on


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