I wrote a song, would someone be willing to give it a video/demo?

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topshelf - 12:34 23 July 2017 #


I've created a song rather reminiscent of the late 90s Amiga demoscene, called "That 90s Demoscene". And it has been suggested that I try and find someone interested in creating an Amiga synced video production for the track.

The source file is not a MOD.
The track can be heard at https://soundcloud.com/djtopshelf/that-90s-demoscene

Would be great to see it with some classic old skool effects and graphics.

I'm thinking something along the lines Mad Elks - Teknological Death, 9 Fingers.

topshelf - 12:56 23 July 2017 #

BTW, it's at 125BPM so spot on for a video-sync :D

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