hi, I'm new here. Any way to ink my profile to handle?

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darwin - 09:01 24 September 2017 #

Hi, I'm new here. Any way to ink my profile to handle? I've been 'darwin' in art/writing/music/programming/demo scenes on IRC since maybe 1995, later, demoparties. Someone else used the handle before me, had it on an older scene site, Ojuice.net, and seems inactive since then. I'm just wondering if there's a way to link my profile to my database handle. I noticed, some my sites I added to the database, showed up with icons, and others didn't but are more digital art/music/demo scene sites than some the other sites...

darwin - 09:02 24 September 2017 #

Ok, I meant 'link,' but didn't press 'l' hard enough, can't edit that now, apparently.

darwin - 09:05 24 September 2017 #

Anyway, the two you really should have icons for are Nectarine Demoscene Radio, and Trax in Space. Also, the order of my pages in the database went out of order. I've always been more a visual artist than musician, despite my only production released at a demoparty being music (just usually did traditional art, and the graphics I was going to release at Pilgrimage 2003, forgot to copy to my disc)... but it'd be good to be able to order in order of homepage/homesite, first skill, second skill, third skill, etc. Maybe it's just automated.

menace - 07:00 26 September 2017 #

Hi darwin, and welcome to Demozoo :)

We handle improvements/bugs/addition over on our GitHub page, where development of the site happens. You can see all of the open tickets here, including several for supporting new/more external pages: https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues

As for Nectarine though, we should have full support for both tunes and artists from there. Can you tell us more with regards to what url you were trying to add, that failed to popup the correct favicon?

As for linking your profile in the database to your persona, we've also thought about that, but it's not entirely there yet: https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/101

darwin - 06:24 27 September 2017 #

The one the icon didn't come up was https://www.scenemusic.net/demovibes/user/darwin/ (on https://demozoo.org/sceners/39971/ .) Maybe a SceneMusic site issue...?

menace - 20:33 27 September 2017 #

I'm thinking that is because you're linking to the USER profile, not the ARTIST profile, which is a different page. We probably do not support user profile pages, just the artist one.

darwin - 01:06 30 September 2017 #

That was it, and another because I had entered HTTPS instead of HTTP. The only two not showing up now are Trax in Space, and (though the site is probably down) Elfwood (a site started by a demoscener, but historically more traditional, than digital, SF&F art)

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