linking to Demozoo (link images?)

darwin - 09:18 24 September 2017 #

Are there any images you can use to link to Demozoo? Many scene sites so far had several different sizes, but I'm hoping for classic small (i.e., almost all 88x31) link images, like in the style Pouet collected on this page: http://www.pouet.net/buttons.php , and BitFellas also uses in hundreds of sites in the Scene Yellow Pages (and White Pages): http://www.bitfellas.org/e107_plugins/links_page/links.php

darwin - 09:18 24 September 2017 #

Make one, and I bet they'd both probably link to you...

exocet - 23:04 24 September 2017 #

Hi Darwin. That's a good suggestion, thanks! We'll have something ready shortly :)

darwin - 02:25 26 September 2017 #

Seems someone made one, Mod Archive is using: https://api.modarchive.org/image.php?id=58 . But, you can't download it, would have to make a screenshot. As for the yellow pages, there's also a page to submit sites there.

darwin - 02:29 26 September 2017 #

But when I took screenshot, it became 87x31 instead of 88x31...

darwin - 06:22 27 September 2017 #

I modified yours for my site anyway: http://davidchmelik.com/art/Demozoo.png , but maybe you'll do one with higher font...

exocet - 13:17 27 September 2017 #

Here's a 88x31 banner for Demozoo: https://i.imgur.com/zk64fQB.png

darwin - 04:39 25 October 2017 #

thanks; using it now on homesite

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