Asle - 14:30 8 October 2017 #

Following the Demozoo Slack channel exchange, here's a forum entry to follow this.

The purpose of this forum entry is to locate all the 500+ musics that entered the Blacktron Music Compo 2 (1998) (https://demozoo.org/parties/2055/).

There's an old website version at archive.org but the files themselves would have come from the FTP site ftp://skynet.stack.nl/pub/demos/bmpcompo2/. Said ftp site was note archived it seems.

If anyone has a dump of this site, please give a call. Menace agreed to mirror this on scene.org if this somehow surfaces back :)


Brain - 17:52 1 January 2018 #

I was one of the participants and voters of the BMP Compo #2. I found back the original CD I received for voting.

The CD actually still works! :)

I will upload the whole CD to scene.org

Brain^Sound Alliance

Asle - 19:27 1 January 2018 #

wow ! would be wonderful !

Saga_Musix - 20:54 1 January 2018 #

Awesome news!

Brain - 22:14 1 January 2018 #

I tried to upload to scene.org but I do not have write access to the compo group in the /incoming directory.

I've sent an e-mail to them. I hope they respond asap.

If not I will put the zipfile on my own FTP.


menace - 15:06 2 January 2018 #

Brain: Try now. I *cough* may have fudged up the chmod for that directory at some time...

Also, I strongly encourage you to join us in our Slack - http://slack.demozoo.org to get invited - for more instant feedback :)

Brain - 15:41 2 January 2018 #

Uploading the whole BMP compo CD right now! :)

I also went through some very old CD's I found in the attic. I found some old releases from Destiny! Total Ecplise, CMD ( specially from Kaotix ). Only thing is they are missing their respective File_ID.DIZ files

dipswitch - 16:11 2 January 2018 #

amazing find!

Asle - 18:10 2 January 2018 #

some work coming up I guess :)

Saga_Musix - 14:34 3 January 2018 #

Sadly some of the entries were only spread as low-quality MP3s and not as modules. Some of the original XMs are already available, but many will remain lost. Now the real detective work starts, tracking down the original artists, who probably don't have the original files as well. ;)
Still, a great find!

Brain - 18:13 3 January 2018 #

It's the voting CD I received with all the tracks. I was baffled the cd still worked :)

I am afraid that most tracks were only released as mp3 anyway and that the original files will be very hard to track down.

menace - 06:33 4 January 2018 #

It's all pieces to the puzzle though, and every little bit helps. And who knows, perhaps this post can be an inspiration to others to take a second look at whatever they have in old boxes or harddrives, and make that available too.

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