Multiple countries

rahow - 13:35 20 November 2017 #


Is there a way to add more countries to a scener ?

I myself was originally from France and move to Israel, but i cannot keep both in my profile...

I know a bunch of french sceners who also moved from France and may enjoy the option ^^

ltk_tscc - 18:43 20 November 2017 #

Unfortunalty it is not... we are aiming for the country a scener is currently living in.

Saga_Musix - 00:39 21 November 2017 #

...or, in case the scener is no longer active, the country they were last active in. Whatever works best in the context, really.

menace - 06:27 21 November 2017 #

There's along-standing ticket on the issue on our github here: https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/64

Dynamika - 21:38 22 November 2017 #

Maybe you could just set it with fields nationality (where you are from) and location (where you really are now).

rahow - 09:57 23 November 2017 #

Creonix : I'm binational ^^ So to separate nationality and location will not really resolve the all thing ^^

Dynamika - 11:24 25 November 2017 #

ok so maybe adding oportunity to add infinite amount of countries would solve the problem so it shows few flags

jmph - 20:37 29 November 2017 #

I'm anti-national. Can I keep my city & geographic region but get rid of the "country" and the flag?

(Note: not actually serious, just being a butt. Well, maybe a little serious.)

menace - 06:30 30 November 2017 #

Creonix: Just throwing "MORE!" at something solves none of the problems. It's about the right amount of information and how you present it, if we were ever to add such a feature. And, not least: A developer with the right skillset and an interest in implementing it.

jmph: To be a wee bit serious, if you feel strongly that you want your location taken out, we're happy to oblige. We're very concerned about privacy, and we try to make smart decisions on what information to present and not. So, don't feel bad if you want to keep some information private, we're all aboard with that. Let us know. :)

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