lookin 4 these modulesz!!!!!11one

FlashyLamer - 22:40 20 February 2018 #

im lookin 4 these modules and i cant seem to find it..
Alex Smith - Deeper Shores (Geniewiz Elite Fusion Mix)
Geniewiz - Happy Dayz (Trance Mix) (not the original one that's on modland)
Salkin Niklas & Pricky - Kebab For The Maskar
Lyric_ATC - Ewigkeit

menace - 08:18 22 February 2018 #

It would probably be useful if you give some more context for each one - where are they from?

Also, I guess you've checked Modland, AMP and Modarchive?

FlashyLamer - 19:00 22 February 2018 #


i've heard the first 3 on this game: https://archive.org/details/SetupGDNClientUpgrade

the last one (by lyric) is played at this show at scenesat: https://scenesat.com/show/780

Saga_Musix - 00:26 23 February 2018 #

Dude. Next time, just provide these details in your initial post, then you don't have to post the same request on three different forms and add more exclamation marks every time. ;)
Here are the soundtracks from that game (temporary location), extracted from the data file: https://sagagames.de/stuff/gdn-music.zip Some of them have higher-quality originals on ModArchive as you might have already found out.
And about the last one, don't be shy and ask Sir Garbagetruck. If he played the tune on his show, he obviously has the file. He won't bite.

FlashyLamer - 03:37 23 February 2018 #

thx so much saga musix!

(damn i wish geniewiz could make musics again)

FlashyLamer - 16:46 26 February 2018 #

saga musix: also, truck had that module on planet scene cd, and it was in ogg... (because planet scene cd only has musics/modules in ogg!!)

FlashyLamer - 17:17 25 April 2018 #

btw saga musix, how did you extract?

Saga_Musix - 12:32 26 April 2018 #

With a hex editor. The music data file contained all the modules one after another without any kind of encryption or such.

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