The Revision 2018 thread of utmost doom and awesomess!

menace - 11:25 27 March 2018 #

I figured it made sense to create a forum post about this year's easter extravaganza, for a number of reasons. First of all, we want Demozoo to have the best, most comprehensive coverage of Revision possible - and not just the releases either. It's a place where LOTS of stuff happens constantly of interest to our audience, so I would love it if we could pepper the news feed with interesting things during the party. So please, post comments here, @ us on twitter, or join our Slack at http://slack.demozoo.org and tell us about all the things that might be worth sharing with the demoscene family at large.

Second, as has become something of a staple here on Demozoo, we'll try and cover the compos tightly and have the entries in the database the second they are shown. This is a collaborative effort, and most of the time we coordinate in the Slack team as mentioned above. The moment an entry is in though, is where the masses can start adding links, screenshots, reviews and trivia. There is simply too much being posted on social media for the core Demozoo staff to keep up with, so if you - yes, you demoscener, at home or in Saarbr├╝cken - see something, hook that link up, or make some screenshots, and document some credits.

And did I mention we have a place we all hang out and talk and make Demozoo better every day? Yeah. You should go there, if you're not there already, and let's make the zoo the place to get great Revision coverage this year :)

Demozoo street team on the ground.

KangarooMusiQue - 19:45 1 April 2018 #

Great idea. People love it.

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