Help us take SceneSat to the next level!

Ziphoid - 09:38 30 May 2018 #

This year, we'll for the first time have a proper meetup with the SceneSat staffers to discuss how we'll take us to the next level and set a target for the future. We'd like your input on this, to help us think about things we haven't thought of by ourselves. :)

If you have any ideas and suggestions for us, could you please share them with us either here or more preferably via https://scenesat.piratenpad.de/1 (password: Sputnik) and we'll take that all into consideration during our discussions. :)


// Ziphoid and the rest of the SceneSat staff

menace - 18:45 1 June 2018 #

I did my civic duty - now it's everyone else who enjoys SceneSat's work time to do theirs.

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