New search engine \o/

gasman - 17:11 18 July 2018 #

Good news for anyone who's had to sift through a pile of vaguely-related search results to find the thing they were looking for! Demozoo's search feature has had a major revamp - we've switched away from Djapian as the backend in favour of PostgreSQL's full text search, which gives us vastly improved control over search result rankings and filtering options.

You'll now see more relevant results in your searches - with exact title matches taking priority over items that match a word mid-title, for example. For extra control you can restrict your search to a particular category: just sceners, or music, or parties. The new search is equipped with powerful filtering capabilities that go way beyond that, though - open up the "Advanced search help" panel on the search results page and you'll find options for filtering on platform, production type, tags, groups and more. Want to search for a C64 cracktro by Fairlight from 1990? Now you can... https://demozoo.org/search/?q=super+type%3ACracktro+by%3AFairlight+on%3A%22Commodore+64%22+year%3A1990

sensenstahl - 16:56 19 July 2018 #


menace - 18:42 19 July 2018 #

All the \o/'s!

Brittle - 08:38 20 July 2018 #


exocet - 13:30 20 July 2018 #

Another \o/ from me!

s_t_s - 11:04 26 July 2018 #

As one who (almost) shamelessly about some random results I cannot but applause such piece of news ! Thank you !

s_t_s - 11:04 26 July 2018 #

Oups.. Who shamelessly COMPLAINED ! Next up, an 'edit' option to correct comments ? :)

havoc - 15:09 3 August 2018 #

Nice, hopefully the next stip will be to make some kind of mouse driven interface for this :)

tomaes - 14:23 5 August 2018 #

Neat. I dig the much faster and on-point auto-complete. The old one was more of an obstacle and often less than helpful. :)

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