Asking about some inconveniences

Dracon - 10:38 30 November 2018 #

Hi scene ppl! :)

This is Dracon/TAQUART here. I like how DEMOZOO grows steadily and become one of the main information centre about the world's demoscene. I made some edits here as well.
But two thing I don't like much:
1) Why there is no possible to add/edit some information about the group themselves? I mean the group history, how it began and ends (sometimes), etc. It a real pity. :(

2) Why there is no possible to edit posted comments afterwards?? Sometimes one makes typo (more or less visible) and wants to edit it. But this part of DEMOZOO is not enabled. I guess it kinda sucks, doesn't it?

Is there anyone of the bosses from here to answer me these two question? :o

menace - 12:36 1 December 2018 #

Hi Dracon, and thanks for taking the time to help out and make more information available :)

I'll try to answers your questions to the best of my ability.

1) We have decided not to make the biography entries editable by non-staff, based on the potential for misuse and vandalism. If you have a bio to contribute, feel free to write it on the forum, or join our Slack community (http://slack.demozoo.org/) and talk to one of the admins there, and we'll make sure it gets in.

2) Thet functionality is not available, simply since no-one has written it yet! But we are fully open source, and anyone can submit patches for functionality they miss - so if you think that is an important part of the site that needs attention, feel free to write a patch if you code yourself, or make a ticket for it on our Github, and perhaps if someone takes an interest in it, that feature gets written.

Dracon - 22:17 2 December 2018 #

Allright, thanx Menace for pointing me out. I joined Slack and will see what happen... :)

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