Demozoo Hackathon #3

menace - 09:51 8 December 2018 #

On the 26th of january this year, we invite everyone to take part in our third day of hacking on Demozoo. Looking at the calendar, it was way back in may that we hosted our last full day, and we felt it was as good time to get going again. We think these "events" are a good way to get people to step forward and start participating, so we hope to see lots of old and hopefully some new faces pop up in the edit logs or on our GitHub :)

As we always mention, the traditional sense of a hackathon is coding or otherwise working on a digital project, but hope we can extend it to all the bits of Demozoo. So, whether you just like watching demos and taking screenshots, or adding youtube or music links to stuff to make it playable in the browser, or if you are one of the true warriors that'd like to take a stab at the code in our GitHub repo - then you are all equally welcome to get some stuff done with us. We wholeheartedly recommend joining our Slack team at http://slack.demozoo.org/ if you're not already there, and join our growing community, so we can collaborate and help each other. If you're not sure where to start, just go there and ask to be put to work somewhere - we'll find something worthwhile for you to do :)

So - I hope to see a lot of you on january 26th!

Until then,

-- menace

sensenstahl - 09:57 8 December 2018 #

Maybe I should try to do some (mild) pantsdrunk and demozooing then :D

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