Demoscener running for European Parliament 2019

Adok - 17:04 15 January 2019 #

For your information: Adok/Hugi is running for the European Parliament 2019 elections. Here you can watch a presentation he delivered to members of his party (in German). The feedback so far is very good.

A rough translation of the presentation:

<<My credo is: Our future lies in key technologies. Or, to put it in more detail: in mastering these key technologies.
It is unacceptable that it is predominantly people who determine politics, who have a little knowledge of law and/or economics, but not of modern technology. The fact is that the last twenty years have brought many changes to mankind and that these changes are mainly due to computer technology. The possibilities offered by the Internet (and used by many) have the potential to change our society from the ground up.
The freedom of the Internet, in particular, so that anyone can be active as a journalist, is a matter close to my heart. I see it with concern that legislative bodies sometimes try to restrict this freedom. If, for example, the European Parliament adopts a reform of copyright law that could possibly lead to websites no longer being allowed to quote content from other websites without paying some kind of licence fee, then I do not think that is okay. I would like to fight actively against such developments. That is precisely what motivates me to stand as a candidate for the European Parliament.
Artificial intelligence is another subject for which I am passionate. This technology will certainly have an even greater impact on society than any other key technology before it. It is not for nothing that the term 'industry 4.0' is used in this context.
I myself see myself as an extremely modern politician who is by no means following the 'old school', but is instead committed to dialogue with the citizens.>>


Dynamika - 18:58 15 January 2019 #

First of all. You go for big money. I wish you good luck. The program sounds very nerdy and is fine, I think you will find lot of people who will support your point in the europarlament. But you might get disappointed if you enter these structures. I have some people who entered the europarlament and they were talking about freedom all the time and they got very disappointed and had to shut their mouth very fast. Thats how parlament works. But go for it.

Adok - 05:36 16 January 2019 #

Thank you very much for your kind words, Creonix! I am aware that there are certain rules to follow in politics and that even if you get elected to the European Parliament, you are somewhat limited in your power to shape politics and make the world a place of freedom. But, I am trying the best I can do. The political establishment isn't making things easy for me and I have to carefully watch my "mouth" when making public statements, e.g. on the Internet. But, as you know, I am quite clever and well-educated, and, as said, I am trying the best I can do.

Of course one of my top priorities right now is to get a tailored jacket, so that it won't happen again that people don't see my hands when I am delivering a presentation. :)

Adok - 15:58 25 January 2019 #

The results of our party's primaries, round 1, are out now. I got 10% of the votes for list position 1. That's more than I expected, to be honest, and I am happy and proud of this achievement. I would like to thank everybody who voted for me. Now I definitely won't retreat from being active in politics... Maybe next time, I will get enough votes in the primaries to actually obtain a position that will bring me to parliament!

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