pokes please help

pounderman - 15:40 31 January 2019 #

hi just joined thankyou have got my speccy +2 out of loft just got it up n running but my memory cant remember how to put pokes in i know you stop tape after short yellow blue enter basic it shows short code with randomizer i know you put pokes before randomizer i put in say poke 34252,0 in for thegame finders keepers then how do i exit run as tried loader options come up try runnuing tape again doesnt load lines in just noise please could someone explain in great depth even a video would be great sorry to ask guys but i love the speccy i need to complete 30 games before i die lol
emu not an option

Axxy - 20:45 31 January 2019 #

Jesus, I'm getting old.

The easy way was to use the Multiface and NOP out the address for infy lives....

Couldn't you use Merge "" to stop the loader (stop the tape too), I seem to remember it was just a basic loader. Add the POKE 34252,0 (don't forget line number) before the Randomize Usr address. Run or Goto 10?

Great game though...

Axxy - 21:02 31 January 2019 #


May help you a little better.

pounderman - 12:57 1 February 2019 #

thanks for reply dont know how to merge but cheers ill try run goto and cheers for link much appreciated cheers

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