Lost and found

exocet - 17:32 15 March 2019 #

Is there a long-lost production you'd very much like to get your hands on again? We might be able to help.

Have you found in your personal collection or online some demoscene material that was believed lost? Let's celebrate!

Please share it with us in this thread!

skarab - 19:11 15 March 2019 #

https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=5408 is lost in space. would like to see it again even if its crappy.

menace - 21:44 17 March 2019 #

Excellent idea for a thread!

skarab: I did some preliminary checking (as I'm sure you have done too), and it seems it was not even listed on your website at the time (http://web.archive.org/web/20050507142914/http://kstorm.org/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=3) and the download link provided is as I'm sure you figured out not in the archive at all.

I guess we need to find someone who didn't delete it from when it was available, I guess. So, anyone wants to have a look through their collections? :) The filename was likely dworld.zip, going from the download link over at Pou√ęt.

skarab - 08:58 18 March 2019 #

Thanks, it will be hard I guess.

rmd - 20:44 20 March 2019 #

I wonder if I have this one on my disks: https://demozoo.org/productions/33240/

rmd - 21:01 20 March 2019 #

People are likely to have prods (and browse the page) from parties they attended, maybe the "lost" tag should be visible in the party view as well...

menace - 15:02 21 March 2019 #

rmd: Not a bad idea - and if you do have that item, then please - share :)

exocet - 10:28 29 March 2019 #

A couple of lesser-known releases that were recently recovered by Lotek Style and myself from the depth of our respective hard drives:
Year 2006 Democard by Syn[Rj] (2006): https://demozoo.org/productions/8253/
Change by Creators (2001): https://demozoo.org/productions/201529/

rmd - 12:49 6 April 2019 #

Most of my old DOS disks are formatted in 1.7 megs instead of 1.4 megs, can't remember how exactly. some TSR program.
Anyone has an idea how to read them on a modern computer?

menace - 05:06 7 April 2019 #

rmd: A quick google tells me it was a Microsoft thing, actually, and it seems the 1.7MB floppies were pretty common. I'm not expecting we'd have trouble getting them dumped at the very least, and if the format otherwise is pretty much normal, I think they'll be readable by most software. Happy to give it a go if you need/want something dumped :)

ltk_tscc - 07:57 11 May 2019 #

Another lost piece... No luck with google or the waybackmachine:


exocet - 20:01 18 June 2019 #

Thanks to Sat/Useless, we got hold of 6 MS-DOS demos from Useless that were not archived yet: https://demozoo.org/groups/22109/

menace - 05:25 19 June 2019 #

@ltk_tscc: Might be worth trying to figure out who MX of Rebels was/is, as he seems to be the only "new" member at work here. We could try reaching out to some of the Rebels members we know.

ltk_tscc - 11:07 19 June 2019 #

@menace: Sure I leave that up to you as I know exactly -zero- Rebels members :)

exocet - 13:48 24 July 2019 #

The graphic and music entries from Euskal 1994 (2) which didn't seem to be listed anywhere online are now on Demozoo and scene.org. The authors for a few of them are unknown, so please let us know if you have any information.

rmd - 04:41 25 July 2019 #

Contacted Hof for the Rebels demo, he has no prods left.

exocet - 15:20 12 February 2020 #

Tons of missing releases from Euskal 1997 were uncovered and have been added to Demozoo / scene.org (108 new files uploaded!): https://demozoo.org/parties/491/

Euskal 1998 is next!

exocet - 13:14 18 February 2020 #

Lots of missing releases from Euskal 1998 have been added, including most of music entries.


vitalkanev - 17:31 22 February 2020 #

Most of the animations from Takeover 1999 (except for the winner) are actually lost, because Scene.org hosts these entries as text files (e. g. https://files.scene.org/view/parties/1999/takeover99/anim/traveling.txt) that simply say "This entry is only available on CD-ROM". I had to mark these entries as lost. Google Search for something like "Takeover 1999 cd-rom" doesn't give any luck.

If anyone has any of these productions or (even better) an official Takeover 1999 CD-ROM, let me know ;)


exocet - 13:37 12 March 2020 #

120+ missing releases from Euskal 1999 have just been added: https://demozoo.org/parties/493/

menace - 13:53 12 March 2020 #

Exocet for president!

rmd - 09:42 14 March 2020 #

how did you find them @exocet?

exocet - 13:15 15 March 2020 #

Remdy: some CD images on archive.org. There's probably more cool stuff hiding there!

s_t_s - 15:27 26 April 2020 #

Nice idea. I'm always eager to see ATARI ST demos that *almost* made it and I keep wondering why there is a video of Final demo by EXTREAM that seems to run seamlessly while the demo has never been released.


Thank you!

mayday - 22:14 31 January 2022 #

I found out that there are some music modules from Assembly 1996 4-channel tracker compo, which are flagged as "lost". I have the original Assembly '96 eRave 2 cd-rom, so the missing files can be found from there :)

I also noticed that there are wrong song names and even wrong artist names.

phoenix - 15:26 2 February 2022 #

Mayday: Would be nice if they get fixed.. the CD can also be found at https://files.scene.org/browse/demos/compilations/assembly_96_erave_2/. Just need to add the individual entries to https://files.scene.org/browse/parties/1996/assembly96/m4ch/ (this is something that I can do when I have the time, maybe this weekend).

phoenix - 16:08 24 February 2022 #

Just following up.. the Assembly '96 4-channel compo (https://demozoo.org/parties/104/#competition_1072) has been updated. I've also updated the Animation and Raytrace compos. Up next is the daunting task of updating the multichannel compo.. the files are now on scene.org, so I'll start adding them here tonight.

shakul - 11:52 9 August 2023 #

I added "lost" invitation intros for Fiasko 99 and Fiasko 2000 parties. Enjoy! ;-)

menace - 08:17 10 August 2023 #

phoenix: Great work, thanks for taking on this task <3

shakul: Great! Mirrored both on scene.org now as well.

MaciekM - 11:25 10 August 2023 #

is #lost, but I have found and added YT link (added already), not sure #lost should be still there in terms of wild video, or YT is enough...

MaciekM - 11:25 10 August 2023 #

sorry, I meant https://demozoo.org/productions/195499/ "Drom Zero To Shaders Coder"

menace - 11:53 11 August 2023 #

MaciekM: We would still want the original video file to be preserved, as YouTube adds additional compression. But good find, at least it can be seen :)

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