Add an unselected prod to a party competition

rahow - 17:14 24 April 2019 #


Is there a way to add my unselected track to the Revision 2019 streaming music competition ?

I see it forced a position and i didn't see any "unselected" option (but i'm sure to had seen it for another prods in another party)

skarab - 17:16 24 April 2019 #

You may release it in another party.

menace - 06:13 10 May 2019 #

@rahow: Sorry for missing your comment until now. You can edit the field with the placing, and just type 'unselected' into the box instead of the placing that was automatically assigned to you.

sensenstahl - 16:46 10 May 2019 #

if it was pre-selected you can in fact release it on another party.

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