Suggestion : Inactive member toggle button

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leuat - 13:52 13 June 2019 #

I've recently rebooted my old demo group "Proxima", and have some new and old members joining. I just wish there was a way to toggle a member as "inactive" instead of having to remove them from the group entirely...

havoc - 14:28 13 June 2019 #

go to the member's page, click on edit in their group member section, then click on proxima, and check the box next to "current member?"

leuat - 16:05 13 June 2019 #

I don't want to *kick* people from the group, just because they aren't active anymore?

leuat - 16:15 13 June 2019 #

I mean, 90% of the people currently in the group aren't active, but they *have* produced stuff back in the old days and should still remain part of the group. It would just be nice to have a toggle saying "this is a member who is not active right now", like csdb offers

havoc - 08:46 14 June 2019 #


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