How to set the real name for the sceners?

Yomaru_Kasuga - 09:58 29 July 2019 #

Hey guys, can I ask that, how to set the real name for the sceners?

menace - 10:43 29 July 2019 #

You can not. That is an admin-only feature, for the reason that we do not identify people who do not want to be identified. So, unless the person in question gives explicit permission and/or they have their name and handle publicly available on updated social media, we err on the side of caution and do not display that information.

havoc - 05:48 31 July 2019 #

menace: That's a load of horseshit and you know it.

menace - 06:25 31 July 2019 #

havoc: What the actual crap is your agenda with these random bursts of negativity, really? Feel free to step forward and explain what you mean with your outbursts, or you are welcome to stay in your own corner and be a sour patch over there.

We absolutely mean what we say, and we are serious about being a good-natured place to discuss the demoscene.

havoc - 07:24 31 July 2019 #

Sure, you mean what you say, that's why I had to argue for days with you to get my name off this site! For the record, that's not negativity, just the truth :)

menace - 09:34 31 July 2019 #

As far as I can see, you discussed that not with me but with another admin, who made a notice you wanted it removed on january 19th 2015.

For the record, you have a history of negative, sarcastic, aggressive and confrontational behaviour and language here (and elsewhere), which is what lead to my wording it in that particular manner. I'm sure you're a nice guy in person - most people are - but online and in this context you're not coming over like that. That might be something you'll want to work on.

havoc - 10:08 31 July 2019 #

Congratulations on the rapid switch from speaking for your team to just yourself, that's so skillful of you indeed! Furthermore, I don't care a whole lot about your analysis or advice, so I'll just end this message by wishing you a great day! (Even though I realize you could spin a shitty day equally well :))

tomaes - 14:14 1 August 2019 #

To add a bit of info to complement what menace said in post #2: We might have this info in the database, regardless of what's being shown. There's an internal permission field for describing the circumstances of why/how the name is being shown or not. For public display, there are checkboxes that we can toggle, where we can show first or last names separately. So there are nuances of privacy levels possible. :)

havoc - 18:03 1 August 2019 #

So how does one go about checking what hidden data you have collected on their person?

tomaes - 18:32 1 August 2019 #

As far as I'm aware of: Asking. There's no "hidden data" with the exception possibly filled name fields tough.

Gargaj - 13:07 7 August 2019 #

Why not just remove the realname information alltogether? Hardly serves a purpose.

Dynamika - 18:17 13 September 2019 #

I see it useful to keep real names to know which one is which one when there is more sceners with the same handle, but since users cannot see all names it does not give them this oportunity.

Peter.Dell - 23:57 3 October 2023 #

What's the right way of contacting the admins if a scener sent me his confirmation that the real name shall be mentioned?

menace - 08:00 4 October 2023 #

Peter.Dell: They would need to send it to us directly, not through a third person. If they want their real name shown, then the quickest way to get that done would be to join our Discord and talk to one of the admins.

rmd - 18:25 21 October 2023 #

Isn't there some legal issues in storing full names in a DB even privately? There might be some declaration to do in France for instance. (d├ęclaration de fichier nominatif)
Sounds like a bad idea to me, you may leak the DB at some point in some hack.

Korrupt - 21:41 12 December 2023 #


gasman - 10:50 13 December 2023 #

The above information is out of date now. In February 2020, we removed the ability to mark real names as private / admin-only, in the interest of transparency and data protection concerns. Since then, Demozoo has not stored any personally-identifying information beyond what you see on the site.

xsl9512 - 20:32 13 December 2023 #

It really makes my skin crawl when someone wants to smear real names on a scene page, gets told off and then calls it horse shit. Personally, I don't want my real name on this site.

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