Demozoo<>Pouet group-links

ltk_tscc - 20:04 22 November 2019 #

During the last few weeks I've gone through ALL groups listed on Pouet and linked them up on Demozoo and back (in case they were not already linked). I've also added A LOT of groups that were not in our database yet. Dupes were nuked as well.

The only groups that I left out are the ones on Pouet without any releases. I could figure out some of them but not all of them.

I've also fixed MANY typos, acronyms, links, spellings so that we can properly link up to our own page. I did not forget to link up csdb, kestra andwaybackmachine if I came across these links.

Lotek Style/Demozoo^.tSCc.^YMR

menace - 06:58 23 November 2019 #

Stellar work, and important going forward - one little mistake fixed often leads to unexpected rewards down the road when you can properly hook a production up to the correct group or similar :)

My hat off to you and your unparallelled stamina, sir.

exocet - 10:04 23 November 2019 #

Thanks for taking care of this, much appreciated by all of us :)

Asle - 13:18 23 November 2019 #

All this, just proves that Lotek Style is a robot. Obviously :)

dipswitch - 20:34 1 December 2019 #

amazing work, lotek style! thanks a lot!

ltk_tscc - 19:00 2 December 2019 #

Let me know if I screwed up or if there are any more groups to merge or divide :)

havoc - 21:14 2 December 2019 #

like i said on pouet, this is cool stuff. how about i give you a full backup of all prods hosted on free.fr that are linked from pouet in return? probably you're linking to a bunch of them too ;)


ltk_tscc - 17:30 3 December 2019 #

@havoc: Thanks! :)

@menace: Will you grab the stuff and up it to scene.org? :)

hedning - 11:23 8 December 2019 #

This is great news! An early Xmas present! :D

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