Rhino - 22:41 29 December 2019 #

Is it possible to set (internal Demozoo) links of remixes to music?
For example, if I click through to Turrican II menu music, it would also provide links to all the remixes there have been.

menace - 06:10 30 December 2019 #

Thanks for taking an interest Rhino!

Unfortunately, no, we have no direct functionality for that. For now, you could always put such information in the comment field at the bottom of the page.

ltk_tscc - 13:14 30 December 2019 #

There is a ticket for this... get us a coder :)

ltk_tscc - 13:14 30 December 2019 #


Rhino - 21:58 13 January 2020 #

Ah, I see that it is a long-standing ticket! Thanks, Lotek :)

And thanks for the tip, Menace - good idea fot the time being.

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