Let's talk about packdisks, shall we?

menace - 12:18 12 May 2020 #

Packdisks were a prominent part of the swapping culture in the late 80s and early 90s in the Amiga scene - and, I suspect, much the same on the Atari too. Packdisks are extra important as the context they provide can often help pinpoint a release date for productions where it was simply not specified - thus leading to a more exact timeline and a better database.

Especially since the Janeway data import, I have been working extensively on getting packs better documented - tagging larger series and figuring out release dates in sequence and so forth. However, sadly, there are really long-running series with huge gaps in them. Where we know there to have been 200 issues, but we have 30.

So, what would be very awesome would be if everyone could have an extra look in their old diskboxes and adf collections, and see if they don't by pure coincidence would happen to have something that is not currently detailed, then we'd love to hear from you. Poke us on here or on our Slack, and we'll make sure it's preserved for the future. <3

Ramses - 17:36 12 May 2020 #

I just checked everything I have on 400 disks. As i posted in the lost production discussion, 23 releases came out from that including 13 packdisks ;-)

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