Loadermusic in »Megademo 1« from Budbrain

gaspode - 19:44 15 July 2020 #

Does anyone know who did the loadermusic? It seems its not listed on the prodpage.

Music: https://youtu.be/_Iw9vyFzjGU?t=339

Demo: https://demozoo.org/productions/2020/

Saga_Musix - 20:17 15 July 2020 #

Look at the Kestra link... it's perhaps2.mod by Diablo.

gaspode - 17:36 17 July 2020 #


la_mettrie - 13:33 28 July 2020 #

It seems Walkman was still uncredited here for that product. Fixed.

Saga_Musix - 18:06 31 July 2020 #

That's the first time I hear Coloris being credited to Walkman. Do you have anything to back that claim up?

la_mettrie - 12:37 4 August 2020 #

Credits are given in the beginning of the game (Walkman's real name is used). While writing this they can be seen on this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmcHvy4UMkc

Hall of Light also lists credits (but doesn't tell who made the title music and who ingame)

Saga_Musix - 19:13 4 August 2020 #

Right... So I guess coloris-diablo (the MOD used in the demo) is just an edit by Diablo. I wasn't aware of the game version but now it all makes sense, because I downloaded it years ago as "tetris1.mod". You will notice that Diablo removed several pattern in the demo version so it's a bit shorter than Walkman's ingame version.

Saga_Musix - 19:23 4 August 2020 #

There were two entries for Walkman's version and another entry credited just to "Budbrain" (from Kestra import). I cleaned them up and pointed the soundtrack to the correct version.

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