Change small to big letter in nickname

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Dakti - 14:59 7 August 2020 #

Dear Colleagues,

I'm sorry for writing with that shit, but I need to change my nickname from dakti to Dakti and I can't do it myself on Demozoo...

My profile is: https://demozoo.org/users/2667/

Can I ask you for that? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Brittle - 02:31 8 August 2020 #

You actually can; you can change it on own by pressing that edit button above your handle.

But since you asked, it’s done. :)

Dakti - 06:17 8 August 2020 #

Thanks a lot Brittle :) However, I don't mean the nickname under "Scener" label on the left side, but on the right, where I see that I am logged and can change password and check activity. Is it possible to change there first letter from small to big of username as well?

Brittle - 13:18 8 August 2020 #

Ah, you mean your profile on the link above :0

I’ll see what I can to ping one of the admins since they can change that.

Saga_Musix - 15:07 8 August 2020 #

It seems like you managed to create two separate accounts, one with uppercase D and one with lowercase d. Normally we could change a username but in this case it's not possible. Maybe you could use your account with uppercase D instead?

Dakti - 15:09 8 August 2020 #

Yes, thanks, I appreciate the help :)

Dakti - 15:16 8 August 2020 #

Dear Saga_Music,

When I login on Demozoo using SceneID I see myself (https://demozoo.org/users/2667/) as dakti, I think because SceneID registered me on Demozoo using my previous "username" filed which was dakti (now it is Dakti on Scene ID).
I am also registered on Demozoo directly [registered as Dakti] and when I login this way I see myself (https://demozoo.org/users/2668/) as Dakti.

I would like to login via Scene ID, so I agree to delete Dakti (https://demozoo.org/users/2668/) account, and would be great to change (https://demozoo.org/users/2667/) from dakti to Dakti. Thank you in advance for help in this matter :)

Saga_Musix - 22:04 8 August 2020 #

Okay, I juggled a bit with the names (the other account is now "DaktiOld").

Dakti - 10:39 9 August 2020 #

Thank you, now is perfect :) Kind regards

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