Support for Lbry links

superogue - 16:54 9 January 2021 #


Would it be possible for Demozoo to at least support LBRY links with an icon and preferably use it for preview as well (their embed code works the same as youtube).

For those not familiar with LBRY.

Lbry is a protocol for decentralised video content, that can be implemented by anyone in any way. Most known implemenatations are the websites:


But anyone can implement it and has full access to all content. Content is stored decentralised across the globe but also on bigger servers as a backup to provide ultimate stability. Therefore, no worries for this being a platform that can go down because of a single party or company calling quits.

There are already quite some demoscene channels active there and it is growing by the day. So I really hope you guys will try and implement this as i think freedom and privacy are values most of us in the demoscene appreciate a lot. Then i urge you to also take this request seriously and consider implementation.

Thanks in advance.

- Superogue/Marquee Design

PS> As a gesture in the right directionwe're taking our youtube videos offline in favor of a decentralised solution like lbry. You can find all our content at our channel here: https://lbry.tv/@marqueedesign:6

dipswitch - 09:28 10 January 2021 #

this must be the slowest video hosting platform i've ever seen. took me about 15 secs to load the page, and videos are stuttering as hell. i hope this does not become the new standard.

porocyon - 16:27 10 January 2021 #

There are other such platforms, such as [PeerTube](https://joinpeertube.org/) (which speaks ActivityPub, so it's interfaceable with more than just other video sites), and it recently got streaming support as well. Several instances host demoscene content as well, [here](https://video.hackers.town/accounts/remotenemesis/videos)'s an example. Embed API docs are [here](https://docs.joinpeertube.org/api-embed-player).

Secondly, there's also [Invidious](https://github.com/iv-org/invidious), an alternative front-end to Youtube, which might also be used for playback instead of YT directly. [Here](https://invidious.snopyta.org/)'s an example instance, just replace `www.youtube.com`/`youtu.be` with `invidious.snopyta.org` and it should work.

Superogue: personally I'm not that much of a fan of LBRY, they have a bit of an alt-right invasion problem they aren't much willing to do anything about, and I'm not sure if "LBRY does to publishing, what Bitcoin did to money." is supposed to be a good thing :P (but let's not have this discussion here.)

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