8byte / 16byte intro categories

superogue - 10:26 16 June 2021 #

With many many releases in the past and very high quality 8byte/16byte intro releases at lovebyte 2021 and again next year at lovyebyte 2022 , that currently have no category to upload (haven't been able to upload all the 16byte releases from lovebyte on here for example), would you guys please consider 16byte intro category (and also 8byte intro category).

Given the argument of 10 releases for the Sinclair QL category, i have lists here of about 40 releases for 16byte and 8byte categories, so i am happy to help out and provide lists of prods that fit these categories, as well as enter about 20 16byte prods from lovebyte 2021 that are currently not on demozoo.

sensenstahl - 11:55 19 June 2021 #

To quote gasman: "Done!"

menace - 07:27 20 June 2021 #

I would just like to chime in, that the discussion for a platform versus a production category are not necessarily 1 to 1. They are not quite the same.

Looking forward to the productions landing in the database :)

superogue - 11:49 21 June 2021 #

Thanks to the whole demozoo team for doing this!

I've already started adding a few productions from my personal lists, then will continue to add stuff from lovebyte 2021 and thinking of releasing a brand new 16 byte production to celebrate the occasion!

sensenstahl - 05:41 22 June 2021 #


superogue - 09:49 26 June 2021 #

All 8 byte and 16 byte intros have now been added/moved, screenshotted, etc.

I've also released 2 entirely new intros to celebrate the new categories

Max 8room (8 bytes) - https://demozoo.org/productions/295785/ (thanks to sensenstahl for the title suggestion)and

Wanderlust (16 bytes) https://demozoo.org/productions/295790/

Even though i spent quite a bit of time/attempts on getting something like Wanderlust working in 16 bytes (and the same goes for some of hellmood's stuff like his IFS fractal),g etting proper stuff done in 16byte and especially 8byte will remain a challenge, but what i did notice after the new categories is that the 32byte category cleaned up nicely and most prods (especially on the first 2 pages) are now at the very least somewhat interesting :D

Now if only people stop submitting grey/yellow/red screens and tv-noise stuff we can actually see these categories grow both artistically and in numbers in the next years ;-)

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