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shd - 13:15 26 July 2021 #

There are at least a few demo scene related books and technical programming manuals that were written by scene people. It would be useful as a historical records to attribute books and bibliography to sceners.

E.g. Amiga pelintekijänopas (Amiga game maker's guide in Finnish) is a book that describes how to write demo/game effects in assembler. It was written by Wraith (https://demozoo.org/sceners/11132/).

dipswitch - 21:04 27 July 2021 #

i don't think it's necessary to catalogue literature on the scene inside a scene database. we already have a very comprehensive bibliography here: http://www.kameli.net/demoresearch2/?page_id=4

dipswitch - 21:04 27 July 2021 #

also, much of the literature written on the scene by sceners is released under their real names, and many of them (myself included) would not like to see it linked in demozoo to their scene handles.

dipswitch - 21:48 27 July 2021 #

and concerning technical books - they are simply not scene releases, as they were not released within the scene.

hedning - 10:24 7 August 2021 #

I agree 100% with dipswitch.

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