Question Regarding How To Find A Demoscene Group To Join

Shortstop - 04:26 6 December 2021 #

Hey there,

Long time lurker for various scene art stuff, and I was wondering, how does one go about finding a scene group to join to do Amiga scene art with?

I ask because I’ve been inspired by ProwlerGFX to do more digital art, and am wondering if there are any groups to get advice on how to do it with GrafX2.

I know there’s more Deluxe Paint tutorials I haven’t seen though for reference on YouTube, but would want to know if anyone could point me in the right direction as I’m looking to do oil painting type scenes, more like illustration but with Grafx2.


exocet - 18:13 10 December 2021 #

Hi Shortstop,

For joining a group, the easiest way is to directly contact people who releases the kind of things you'd like to get involved with or to release an entry at a demoparty (so it gets seen by many people) that mentions you're looking for a group to join, in which case interested people might get in touch with you directly.

Regarding Grafx2, it's a tool that's quite niche, but you can find a few tutorials on YouTube and a detailed documentation here: https://grafx2.gitlab.io/grafX2/htmldoc/
In practice once you have a basic knowledge of the Grafx2 tools, you can look at any pixel art tutorial and easily apply it to Grafx2.

I hope this helps!

menace - 04:54 11 December 2021 #

There's also https://wanted.scene.org where various people are looking for skilled individuals or vice versa. Join some of the various scene Discord servers (ours is linked at the bottom of the page) and talk to people.

Other than that, everything Exocet said :)

Oh, and when that is feasible again, go to a demoparty near you! We're generally a friendly bunch. Check on the Discords to see if anyone else is going, so you at least have a jumping off point.

And get participating. Submit entries to online parties. It's not important that you don't win at first. You get your name out there, and you build skill over time.

Good luck :)

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