New feature - ANSI rendering

gasman - 23:09 6 December 2021 #

After adding MS-DOS and Amiga font rendering for .nfo files, result files and BBS text ads over the last few days, I felt nerd-sniped enough to go all the way and implement full ANSI art rendering.

A few nice examples I found from some brief clicking around...


Most of the ANSIs in our collection are BBS text ads, but if you happen to find a production info file or party results in ANSI format, those should be rendered in their full 16-colour glory too...

The code behind this has now been released as a standalone Python library, ansipants https://github.com/demozoo/ansipants - so if you have a burning need to convert ANSI art to HTML somewhere else, give it a go. It's been put together over a couple of evenings, and there are surely quirks of the ANSI format that I've overlooked, so if you spot anything that isn't rendering quite right, bug reports are welcome.

spiny - 08:40 7 December 2021 #

very cool :)

sensenstahl - 16:43 7 December 2021 #

Sorry but this is teh shit! Thank you so much :)

menace - 21:38 7 December 2021 #

So cool!

exocet - 20:51 9 December 2021 #

This will be super helpful, thanks!

dipswitch - 00:48 14 December 2021 #

this is really great!

also worth to mention is that ms-dos and amiga fonts can be chosen now, too!

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