I have an announcement about a new demo group of mine

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Atekuro95 - 01:39 24 December 2021 #

I have created a new demo group. it's called "Golden Trancers". Golden Trancers mean trance from the rather the late 80s, or the 90s in early or late. those are the golden years of trance. Golden Trancers is where people who make late or early 90s and late 80s trance are welcome the join this demo group and make 90s and late 80s trance tracks for it.

Atekuro95 - 01:40 24 December 2021 #

when I mean demo group, I meant to say demoscene group.

Atekuro95 - 15:01 29 December 2021 #

Oh, and you can also create other 90s and 80s electronic genre tracks too.

NR4 - 12:27 12 January 2022 #

Do you know https://wanted.scene.org/ ? :) This might be a good place to find members.
Some relevant information on the project you have in mind might also attract some:
* Do you code, compose or write graphics? What kind of skillset are you searching for?
* Do you target demos or intros?
* Which platform do you have in mind?

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