Need Help For My Graphics

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Ronaldanderson - 11:32 24 December 2021 #

Hello friends. This s my first post in this forum. And I don't know this is the right place or not to post this. But I hope I will get a better suggestion from you. I am posting this topic for your need. I am suffering from an issue with my computer's Graphics card. Because I am unable to install the NVIDIA graphics driver on my computer. Can anyone tell me what to do now?

menace - 14:56 26 December 2021 #

Hi Ronald, and welcome to the site!

I think this sounds like a more general problem than a demoscene one, so I would ask at a more general forum, something like Linus Tech Tips? And I'm sure they'll want more information, like your setup, Windows version, what hardware you have, what driver package specifically you're trying to install, and preferably a screenshot of the specific error you're encountering. Good luck!

Ronaldanderson - 10:27 27 December 2021 #

Thanks for replying.
windows10 64 bit
AMD Rizen
Gigabyte Motherboard
Nvidia GTX 1050Ti

Ronaldanderson - 08:01 28 December 2021 #

So, After searching on Google I found a solution from an article (stated below) today. The issue is fixed after applying a process mentioned there. I just disabled the antivirus during installation.

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