The Meteoriks Awards 2022

Shana - 12:15 30 December 2021 #

It's that time of the year again!

With the neverending 2020 continuing into its third year, awesome productions didn't seize to amaze us even on our screens at home in 2021.
We are setting out to honour the best productions of the past year, and just in time for your New Year resolutions to do more for the scene...


- Help deciding on categories with your fellow jurors
- Review last year's productions if they fit into your category
- Identify up to five nominees
- Choose a laureate
- Represent your category during the award show

All in all, this will take between four and eight evenings' worth of time, mostly spread across February.

Visit our website to learn more and sign up for jury "duty" until end of January (the only duty that is indeed more of a pleasure)!


We are looking forward to working with you, celebrating the best productions of the year!

- The Meteoriks Team

Shana - 11:49 18 January 2022 #


What productions wow-ed and amazed you most this year? Whom do you think should we celebrate, when we look back at a year of awesome productions? Who was your favourite in a compo, but went way too unnoticed for your taste?

You can now flag your favourite prods on Pouet and Demozoo for consideration by the jurors, the categories are now available at https://2022.meteoriks.org/categories/

Are you already picking more than one or two, and they are not even your own (or at least not all of them)? Then you should really consider becoming a juror and join the fun - applications are still open until January 30th!
Make sure you sign up in time at https://2022.meteoriks.org/taking_part/juror/

Shana - 19:12 18 January 2022 #

And for everyone who want to not step out of the warmth of Demozoo between reading this and giving suggestions, here you are the list of categories:

New Talent
Which group or scener made the most memorable entrance this year?

Best Soundtrack
A demo is more than just its soundtrack - but it sure helps! Which soundtrack complemented its production perfectly, or even elevated it?

Best Visuals
Which production was the most pleasing to the eye and stunned you visually?

Best Direction
Which production really immersed you in its story thanks to its atmosphere, pacing, camerawork and cohesion?

Outstanding Concept
Which production really brought something new to the table to the scene, dared to be bold in its stylistic or directional choices?

Outstanding Technical Achievement
What was the moment you yelled during a compo “But this isn’t possible!” this year?

Best Oldschool Production
Which overall production on a machine with an 8-bit or smaller bus was your favourite this year?

Best Mid-School Production
And when we go a bit up the timescale? Which production impressed you most, that ran on a machine with 16-bits or wider bus or on a Fantasy Console?

Best Executable Graphics
Which 4k Graphics went beyond being simply picture-perfect?

Best High-End Intro
Which overall production with a size smaller than 64k amazed you most?

Best High-End Demo
Which overall production did not just drop any size-limitation, but also your jaw?

So, overall: we introduce a split to oldschool categories to do justice by the different system capabilities and what you were able to squeeze out of them. We bring back Outstanding Concept thanks to the great productions that fit this category perfectly; and in favour of those two, heavy-heartedly drop the Scene Spirit Award to also avoid continuous double-nomination for the great sceners keeping the spirit alive... year after year, as we now know!)

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